Butt-Licker Andre Rollins resigns from the PLP! Praise Da Lord!!!


Fort Charlotte now has an Independent MP!

Acting Prime Minister Davis and Andre Rollins
Acting Prime Minister Davis and Andre Rollins

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press confirms Andre “Butt-Licker” Rollins has tendered his resignation from the Progressive Liberal Party. The announcement was greeted with celebration by the PLP MPs in the Parliament!

The news has come with celebration! We understand one hardcore party supporter of Fort Charlotte, who hasn’t walked in three years, leaped onto her feet in celebration of Rollins’ departure, since the party lacked any visible representative by Rollins in the constituency in years! BUTT-LICKER Rollins indeed has been an abysmal FAILURE!

The Parliament evening session just before 7 pm had intended for the Member of Cat Island Rum Cay and San Salvador Philip Brave Davis to close the Budget Debate and put the question for a vote. But after that motion was seconded, Rollins jumped to his feet, arguing that he intended to speak! Rollins was fired from the Gaming Board by DPM Davis last year after behaving badly in the Parliament.

Rollins had not attended any Parliament sessions on the Budget claiming he was away seeing doctors. But it is interesting to note that the Fort Charlotte MP was voicing his views in the newspaper all week during the debate while he abandoned the Parliament’s business for which he is paid!!! This leaves us to wonder whether someone else had provided the Tribune with the comments of Rollins.

Some members, including the Prime Minister, argued last evening that Parliament could not be held hostage by one member, who had had a chance to speak but failed to show up to the House.

The Speaker, following a long recess, stood by his position to allow the Fort Charlotte MP a space to speak on the Budget. The long night ended with the BUTT-LICKER leaving the PLP! THIS WAS GREAT NEWS!!!

We report Yinner Decide!


  1. This one was a no-brainer and probably a long time coming. He definitely won’t be missed and most certainly won’t win in the next general election, if he decides to run. I think all PLPs are glad he’s gone.

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