Buyer’s remorse deep within the FNM! Supporters grow impatient by the day and cannot get paid!


FNMs voters told in Centreville “Da Elections are over and carry yinner [BLANK] home!”

FNM supporters locked out of the constituency office. It’s Da People Time!

Nassau, Bahamas – Before the MPs could get sworn in or even sit in Parliament, buyer’s remorse is setting in deep inside the Minnis government as the ground is becoming highly upset.

Bahamas Press has learnt sources deep inside the Cabinet confirm pressure is kicking up to the top of the Minnis government and that MPs are already getting cussed out. In one case police had to be called into a Bains and Grants Town constituency office after residents could not collect their balance after being paid on how to vote.

We understand in many constituencies the balances have not been paid and the patience of many is wearing thin.

In the constituency of Fox Hill, we understand, some 300 ballots were spoiled, that is more spoiled ballots in one constituency than in all constituencies in the past election.

Residents shown here outside the constituency office of newly elected MP Reece Chipman were left locked outside the door as they waited for their rewards. Word coming from the inside was “Da Elections are over and carry yinner [BLANK] home!”

Could this be, as Churchill would say, the beginning of the end?! Or, as we say…the end of the beginning!

We report yinner decide!