Cabinet Minister’s Jungaliss GONE WILD and flings rock into Gov’t car

A Cabinet Minister continues to shame the country as his 'jungaliss' sweetie breaks up government property in big brawl! The FNM MP fled out of town after incident.

FNM MP ran for his life as Jungaliss sweetie breaks up Cabinet car

Nassau, Bahamas — If you don’t laugh you will cry.

Now here’s a story you cannot find in any of the pages in the Journal, PUNCH, Guardian or Tribune, and days before an election. But of you come online often you will find such real news only on Bahamas Press.

A Cabinet Minister and his ‘Jugaliss’ sweetie were in another brawl; this time after the smudgy pudgy MP was caught RED-HANDED with another gal on the campaign trail.

The MP is working the ground in a constituency on New Providence, but is fighting a losing battle.

The MP just a few months ago was stalked by the ‘jungaliss’ as she rung the doorbell of his home a left a g-string on the doorknob. The wife opened the door and discovered the panties with a note.

A few months before that incident the same ‘jungaliss’ destroyed a government vehicle, driven by the MP out at Arawak Cay. Police on the cay had to stop the sweetheart from completely destroying the government’s property, but guess what? NOT A WORD OF THE INCIDENT HAS HIT ANY OF THE WUTLLESS, GUTLESS ‘DUTTY’ TABLOIDS!


But get this; for a second time the sweetheart jungaliss of the MP has attacked government property in her attempts to beat the – YOU KNOW WHAT WE WANT SAY – out of the Cabinet Minister.

The ‘jungaliss’ this time smashed the windshield the government’s blue plate and like a bullet fled the scene in a getaway car.

Now, you don’t have to believe BP on this story, just ride out at LPIA and see the car for yourself! It is parked in the VIP section where all MPs park. The front windshield was smashed in by a flying missile as the jungaliss gone wild; stalking the MP outside his family’s rat and roach motel.

Boy, these some violent people eh?

Bahamas Press is still awaiting for the story to appear in WUTLESS MEDIA! You think they ga ever “deliver” this scathing report on the MP and his Jungaliss sweetie?

Ya think dat ga happen? We shall see!

Meanwhile, as the world turns, as second Cabinet Minister Zhivargo ‘Selling Mona VIE’ Laing has cut a deal with a company as he is the second Junior Minister in the Ingraham Government to look defeat dead in the eyes.

Sources in the OPM tell us, Laing has been in secret meetings with the furniture store seeking a consultant job after his cut yinner know what in Fort Charlotte. Andre Rollins will be declared the winner before 9:20PM May 7th! Rollins is BP’s endorsed candidate in Fort Charlotte!

We were also reliably informed that the Government is in the process of issuing the store an insurance company license, which he [LAING] would head.

Sources say the meetings with Laing were carried out just  days before the license is granted. The Finance Department heads such approvals and Laing is the junior minister for Finance.

Here is another FNM MP who is preparing for the vicious cut hip that awaits him from the people of Fort Charlotte. Could you imagine that someone selling Furniture plus Insurance? It’s UNBELIEVABLE!

We report Yinner Decide!