Papa Clown snuck his way back into Bains Town like a thief in the night!


Hubert Ingraham and John Bostwick seen here just after getting run out of Bains and Grants Town last week. Ingraham has not toured a community over the hill since 1992 almost 20 years ago.

Woman told PM, “Come asking for Forgiveness NOT VOTES”!

PM blames crime on inner-city youths!

Nassau, BahamasDesperate to hold onto power and frantic to remain relevant in the country, once again Hubert Ingraham made his trek into Bains and Grants Town constituency on Saturday evening like a thief in the night.

The Prime Minister, who is most unpopular PM ever according to polls, was under a veil of disguise, wearing an orange shirt and khaki pants.

Here is Papa Clown and his goons in Bains Town on Satrurday. He is Ed Curling the same man who was given a 2.2 million dollar contract to throw sand on the beach. Some say he is the bagman for Papa. Birds of a feather do flock together. THIEF!!! Drinking and getting drunk in front of young inner-city youths. NO EXAMPLE WHATSOEVER!

The outgoing Prime Minister had not walked in a community over the hill since he visited St. Cecelia in 1992. The PM never looked back.

Residents over the hill remember Hubert Ingraham’s address to the Nation on crime last year, four years after record-breaking crime rocked the nation.

During that late address, the PM Ingraham pinned the problems of crime and violence on the inner-city.

In that address Mr. Ingraham said, “There is no denying the role played by young males in the crime scourge of our nation.  These males are predominantly from the urban areas of the country, most particularly Nassau and to a lesser degree, Freeport.”

And then he said this, “Poverty is not an excuse for crime.  I, too, grew up poor.”

In that same address done back in October last year, the PM pledged $1 million of support to outreach programmes to assist in their efforts to battle crime.

That commitment to social service clubs and civic groups was proposed six months ago, and was more than $5 million dollars less than money committed by the Government to the Miss Universe Pageant, which produced not one single bit of growth in tourism.

One resident told the PM that he should go over the hill and ask for forgiveness, not votes.

Forgiveness for raising the national debt.

Forgiveness for selling BTC and axing more than 400 Bahamian jobs.

Forgiveness for raising taxes on the backs of the Bahamian people.

Forgiveness for doing nothing to combat the rising tide of crime.

Forgiveness of delivering unemployment 34% of young people.

Forgiveness for raising electricity rates over the hill by 100%.

Forgiveness for canceling Urban Renewal – which brought rebirth to the inner-city communities.

Forgiveness for telling the people of the Bahamas they need not apply, while thousands of Chinese workers are welcomed for work at Bahamar.

And forgiveness for failing to speak with people over the hill for more than 15 of the last 20 years.


We report yinner decide!