Big fight in LONG ISLAND! Loretta in meltdown with generals

Papa Clown and his minion victimizing Long Islanders.

Long Islanders threatened by generals of the FNM

Buckley’s Long Island
– More and more around the country there are signs that the FNM has already lost the war.

Words flew and tempers flared on Long Island on Nomination Day as one FNM candidate had a bust up of words with her generals.

We can tell you Loretta Butler-Turner is in meltdown today as she and senior generals have had a bust up. Sources tell us the bust up was so nasty, Turner was at a loss for words.

Sources deep in Butler-Turner’s camp tell us the persons in the brawl are Tryphen Bowe, Dillis Smith, and Glenroy Burrows

Some Long Islanders are piss angry with the FNM for its many years of neglect on the island, while others argue that Butler-Turner has no loyalty or serious ties to the island. The exchange in the South, we are told, was not kind or good for the candidate, who has fled her once safe New Providence seat.

Hubert Ingraham wanted to get rid Butler-Turner from the face of politics and thus sent her to Siberia [Long Island] where she doesn’t stand a chance.

One Long Islander told BP, “If we rejected Larry Cartwright, who is from here, what you think of Loretta? We want nothing to do with the FNM! They have not been good for this island.”

Additionally, we at BP can report Long Islanders are under threats of rank victimization by generals of Butler-Turner.

We can report two of the generals are government employees who are going around the island threatening residents.

One of the men works for the Customs Department (Tyrone Rommer) and the other works at BEC (Pedro Marcello). Police on the island knows both men.

We can tell you both are going from resident to resident, particularly islanders participating in the government temporary jobs program, threatening and intimidating those workers.

We call on Butler-Turner and the government minister managing the program to rope in those generals. This is not pre-1967!

Using this initiative, the men mentioned in this article are going around telling people what will happen to them if they don’t vote FNM!

BP calls on the powers that be to warn both Marcello and Rommer to cease and desist!

Long Islanders are Free People Too!

We report Yinner decide!