Conditions at the morgue deteriorate as Heartless Health Minister introduce new fee to tax the dead!


Overcrowding at morgue as families cannot afford to collect the remains of their loved ones….

The morgue

Nassau – Bahamas Press is monitoring a festering situation at the morgue at the Princess Margaret Hospital where we are advised the stench of dead rotting bodies is going through the vents.

BP spoke to sources deep inside the morgue who tell us the issues became worse after the PHA decided to tax the dead and immediately institute new fees on collecting the remains of corpse inside.

“The place has deteriorated because people just don’t have the money. They also do not have the funds to bury their relatives. Now with these new fees posted without any notice to the public, many families are finding it difficult to collect their remains,” one health official monitoring the situation said.

Fees attached to storage were to be increased however, additional new fee for autopsies done even if done by police are being charged to persons collecting the dead.

“If your relative dies it is now going to cost you to collect that body. This has come without notice to the public and us who are in the business,” one funeral director said.

“They are charging all kinds of fees on people even dead people. Even to return a body back into the capital there is a tax. This is unfair to persons who are already finding it hard to bury their loved ones. People should stand up against this and demand a level of dignity to be displayed with the poor.”

But BP does not believe the Minister of Health is even interested in fixing these pressing matters now facing the poor. Sands, who called the people of Elizabeth “Greedy” during the Elizabeth by-election, recently was recorded as doing regular surgeries in hospitals in the country while these matters, which need critical attention, go unaddressed. No wonder TB is a problem.

We report yinner decide!