Consultant at NIB also awarded contracts by National Insurance Board


lewis-copy<<< Iram Lewis is Kenneth Russell’s buffed roommate who was appointed a consultant at NIB. Bahamas Press now confirms Lewis was also issued contracts for renovation works at NIB.

Nassau, Bahamas — It is strange delegates at the FNM convention heard not a word from Kenneth Russell. He’s another rotten egg in the Ingraham Cabinet who should have been fired since last year.

Bahamas Press also has information which confirms Iram Lewis, an NIB consultant and the buffed roommate of Kenneth Russell, the former Minister with responsibility for NIB is also apart of the contract RIP-OFFS now underway at NIB! Large sums of public money are being expended at NIB headquarters on Blue Hill Road, one source tells BP.

Reliable sources confirm Lewis has been awarded contracts for tiling of the main lobby, several upper floors and bathrooms at the head office. We also know two Creole speaking men, one whom cannot speak a word of English, has carried out the tiling exercise. The contract has been done for a second time over a year period and we wonder why.f1-housing-minister-large1

Could Hubert Ingraham in these much taunted ‘difficult times’ afford such wastage and squander the public money?

Did Kenneth Russell authorize this tile laying exercise? Did Cabinet approved these expenditures at the NIB?  How could such a conflict arise where a Consultant to the Board is also awarded contracts by the BOARD? NIB has some SERIOUS ‘TESTED LEADERSHIP’!

Why would the open and transparent Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham allow all this SCANDAL to now engulf his own department?

NIB’s Director Algernon Cargill is spending money like its going out of style. Persons taking a walk through the lobby and bathrooms will see what we are talking about. Trees landscaping the property have been removed and later replanted at the head office we are told. And none of the work is being put out for public tender! Who is authorizing all this work at NIB and who is pocketing all the MONEY?

Lewis you would also know is the chief inspector overlooking the construction of the new stadium now underway at the sports centre. That construction is being funded by the Chinese government.

Bahamas Press believes this is how factions in the Ingraham Government are financing themselves handsomely again on the backs of the hardworking contributors to NIB.


  1. @LOU
    Myles is one of the best, Freddy should start watching and trying to learn something from him, because the way he is carry on you would think Hubert is his God. The man is really confused, he should be looking to God for answers, but instead he looking to Hubert.

  2. @Altec

    You and some others keep telling me the same thing, but it look like I taking little longish to catch on. All I could say, I must be related to Bahamasyouth and don’t know. You really can’t hold that against me if that’s the case. I know sometimes, my brother is be up on BP too, but I don’t know his user name. You think he is Bahamasyouth? No it can be, because he doesn’t conduct himself like that.

  3. @Bahamasyouth
    I see you cursing now when my name is mentioned ha ha ha. Chet P aka bahamasyouth aka voices of the bahamas how much are you paid to expouse the views of the Govt.?Despite me giving you a listing of the PLP achievements you want to come on this site and repeat the lies.Lets talk about all of the persons attached to the various Urban renewal offices in New Providence who are being paid for doing nothing.If they had kept their mouths shut they would have stayed off Wendell Jones show where they were stripped bare today lolo lolo.Talk that now stop getting angry with me bcos your parents failed to punish you.ha ha ha

    I agree with you Kim. DR. Myles Munroe made a statement one time that I will never forget. He said, “The World’s greatest wealth is not in the Gold and Diamond mines in South Africa and elsewhere, but in our cemeteries. That is ALL the wealth of knowledge, that people have taken to the grave – instead of sharing” Something to that effect he said. That is why I try to mentor to our youth, even though I want to sometimes – just give up! They are too materialistic and gullible. It was the youth, who turned against Sir Lynden, to bring the “other” party their first success! They never tried to understand the progress and vision of the country under Sir Lynden. There was corruption (always will be) and was some complacency, but we had our our college, dDefence force, NIB, National Independence! There was vision ! But, they chose to follow (nad still following)..a damn lie! But, I believe PC has …and will share…. a NEW vision for our NEW generation!

  5. @Kim Sands, @ronica7
    Kim Kim Kim. Ronica Ronica Ronica.

    Why you guys even bothering with such and such a person? I told you to ignore him but you didnt listen. Now you have lost brain cells listening to this person. Brain cells that you could have used on better things.

    Do what most people on this blog do, IGNORE HIM!

    Remember his mantra, If you agree with him your OPEN MINDED. If you disagree with him your BIAS and CLOSE MINDED.

  6. @bahngr
    If he don’t get this time too bad for him. As much as I hate giving up on people this one time I throwing in the towel. See, I am a kind of person, who believes in helping others where I can. I believe in sharing knowledge, because aint nothing else I could do with it, besides carrying it with me to my grave.

  7. But half of these UNION presidents are what i called IGNORANT PLP’s prime example THat BLEACHED IGNORANT GHETTO PRESIDENT OF THE NURSE UNION… Clitoris Hamilton. (Bahamas Youth)

    Look at the name that he gave Ms.Hamilton, totally disrespectful,
    I know you are academically challenged, but try, at least to be respectful.

  8. Kim why are you answering this fool? He is a perfect example of the failure of fromal education. strictly speaking any one successful at basic education shuld have the fundamental tools to acquire and then exercise wisdom. this fool has his education in his back pocket and only brings it out when he thinks he can use it like a whip.

  9. @Bahamasyouth
    There you go buying into tactics again. Young man when are you going to learn that these people don’t do anything from the goodness of their hearts? This is the last time I am going to tell you these people don’t do nothing without a motive, if you aint catch on after this, you on your own. You believe Hubert just in his Santa Clause mood aye? Then people were in entitled to that money, they worked hard for it and the way they had to go to battle to get it was a shame. Hubert been borrowing monies left, right and center and doing what he wanted. He could have paid those people their monies a long time ago, but he thought it would look better if he waited until the FNM convention and to add insults to injuries, he turned around and make it look like he was doing them a favour. Politicians have been doing things like this for years. I see you on here jumping all over President of the Nurses Union, when you really can’t blame the woman for being skeptical. Are you not aware that the woman had to be back and forward to court this year fighting for things that should have been in place for the nurses’ long time ago? Before you start making your personal attack on this woman, I think you need to put yourself in her shoe. Think about it, if somebody were taking long to give you something that you know you were entitled to, and then one day they decided to make a public spectacle about it and first you were hearing about it was the same time everybody else was hearing about it, wouldn’t you be a little skeptical? That’s the same way the nurses feel and the straw vendors too, who have been promised a new straw for almost a decade. Trust me, they soon rebuild the straw market, the election aint too far now and you don’t want see them with their ribbon cutting ceremony when they done finish and acting like them vendors should consider themselves lucky, when they should be actually apologizing to those people for taking so long. You say, you going to school right? Then it shouldn’t be hard for you to understand how these games are played.

  10. @Media
    And we want to hand the mantle of leadership to these young…”you know what”…! Most of them are too disrespectful, antagonistic,hot headed and just too damn rude! That iswhy a lot of them “like” HI ! They all need to know and be groomed in Protocol, ethics, and level-headedness! Can’t wait to get that “stinkin ” attitude from governing ! Just looka at HI last night cussing the PLP for not doing anything to Acklins road, when “he” in fact stopped the cancelled the project ! He really, truly think bahamians are stupid – that is because he like foreigners too much! People in this country hurtin ..and he still plain damn stupid games – what a jack…

  11. @Tink we fool
    And what RUSSELL JOHNSON could do to me?…. IM NOT PERRY GLADESTONE CHRISTIE… IM NOT THE ******* ONE! It enn no pussy cat’s up on this board…. Serious TIMES CALLS FOR TESTED LEADERSHIP just ask H.I. lol

  12. @Tink we fool
    Yes I hear you but you must remember The Bahamas is going Through a depression yet she want be greedy. Then when the government want give her the funds she want BE BOLD NOT TO BE GRACIOUS and still rowing bout something………

    Belinda Wilson have the same problems from before 07 but she did it in a respectful manner. And she understood that The Government had a strict budget but now the economy is getting better therefore they NOW EXPECT THEIR FUNDS

    Hubert Ingraham didnt want to borrow too much funds incase THE UNEXPECTED HAPPEN. Now he see’s the economy is getting better now hes going to perform his duties

  13. All the money this government is borrowing…of course they have to finally give the people their money. But they earned that. HAI is trying to strategize…he’s not doing them any favours…that’s their money. Look how long and hard they had to fight for it. All of a sudden it’s convenient to distribute funds because it makes him look good. Give me a break!!! He was stingy and didn’t let up for months, but now when it’s time to push his agenda and toss out a few shekels, we’re supposed to be grateful. PLEASE!

  14. why should she be grateful for what is theirs through contractual right? I gatta call russell J fa you bahamas youth you partisan blind. The government is in breach of their duty all the money is ours its the taxpayers money why should we be greatful fah trupence from this penny pinching parliment na man not fa my money

  15. @ronica7
    W.e you stay right dere shes a BIG TIME PLP who only rattling up the nurses union to be against FNM…. I enn retractin NOTHINg shes a UNGRATEFUL WICKED WOMAN who needs to be Exposed. Ingraham said he have the money nah he would pay the nurses monies the government OWED them… She ga come on TV and still complaining and not grateful?…. SHE HAS A SERIOUS PROBLEM… Just look at Belinda Wilson she was honest and said shes please.

  16. Bahamas Youth,between you and N.C.L. Smith, I havent figured out yet, who is the DUMBEST!! Bahamas Youth, better known as Voices Bahamian, on facebook, please retract that degrading comment about Ms. Hamiliton.

  17. Im watching Perry Gladestone Christie I do see he has changed his persona a bit by his speeches being MORE ON POINT and mostly aggressive. But MY MAIN MAIN PROBLEM Im having is that half of these PLP supporters cant seem to MAN UP and admit Perry Christie’s problem.

    They COMPLAIN about this… COMPLAIN about that. When THE FNM has done above and beyond to assist these Bahamians due to this economic times. TEACHERS WANT MONEY, NURSES WANT MONEY, INDUSTRIAL UNION WANT MONEY… KNOWING for a FACT THE GOVERNMENT is on a STIFF BUDGET due to the economy… But they dont care they want their monies. Some People light off dey want blame GOVERNMENT… I think Government should only help people who got LAID OFF… THATS IT! But half of these UNION presidents are what i called IGNORANT PLP’s prime example THat BLEACHED IGNORANT GHETTO PRESIDENT OF THE NURSE UNION… Clitoris Hamilton. I only Have respond for Belinda Wilson who is a transparent leader and have the best interest for the teachers.

  18. @N C L Smith
    YES YES YESS…. Now lol Im not agreeing with you 100% but MOST OF IT i AGREE WITH… THE PLP’s making noise cause dey OUT and when dey was In… DEY ENN DoOo MUCH. Loretta Butler Turner said that HER (Melanie Griffin) have soo much to say and anything she try FIX she want complain about BUT mussy forget when she was in power couple years ago she didnt try FIX IT….. Now dont get me wrong I like Melanie Griffin shes one of the persons I think was doing a above average job when she was in office HOWEVER Loretta Butler Turner is making sure bringing in new INNOVATIONS to fix social services example Spousal RAPE law.

  19. BREAKING NEWS: Why was the Chief of Security (a poof) at NIB sent to man the Fox Hill Office? Hint:(He and Iram were disagreeing)

  20. It is a fact Raah, He is the dumbest in the House of Assembly. That is why he spends 99% of his time in Parliament viewing the PM Hip during debates, along with his buddy in the back of him.

  21. … OK … so I want to add some fair and balance.. when you speak of dum.. lets not forget PC… VP…. PF…. Obie Scam Wilchombe ( I had to spell that out)… BJ .. (I just want to be a leader) Nottage.. mudda (I will endorse you if you pay for the furneal)… GHM ( I send out to her my deepest regrets on the loss of her mother) devoice papers with names of the scam on it and why did I let christie tell me he ga support me… you so dumb to believe christie… frank “i merry well” Smith…. the rest are so not important no need to even mention them…

    BUT MY hats off to the big one… MG… looks like she is in a class all by herself.. she wants the FNM to do what she failed to do….

    Lord help the PLP..

  22. it is possible to be a bad politician and still be smart politics is not for every one ech this is questionable if true all the grease and engine parts he gettin in dis time of economic depresion

  23. why do these men live together?? frank smith is brilliant..graduated summa cum laude from Yale in 3years….

  24. I understand that the buff roommate is being toted to take over the seat in High Rock from Ken ” Dumbo” Russell.

  25. One man getting all the grease ,but is he sharing it with someone?It is high time that the Opposition make use of the only committe(The Finanac e committee) in Parliament where they have the advantage to investigate.We dont need any Commission of Enquiry as this committee is at the disposal of the Opposition to be used whenever they see fit.

  26. Boy if Ken Russell ain’t dumb, he sure had me fooled.

    But considering your choices, I’ll go with Neko Grant for dumbest person in parliament. Although its some dumb PLP folks up in there too. **cough** Frank Smith **cough**

  27. mashup :
    Ken Russell is possibly the dumbest person in parliament
    Side Bar – Man BP, when do you find time to sleep and eat?

    Check that. The nominees for dumbest person in parliament has to be between Phenyton Neymor, Charles Maynard, Neko Grant, Byron Woodside and Brensil Rolle.

    Kenneth Russell isnt dumb he is at a point where he just doesnt care anymore. but, those fellas previously mentioned is on another level of dumbness.

  28. Ken Russell is possibly the dumbest person in parliament, which is really saying something.

    Side Bar – Man BP, when do you find time to sleep and eat?

  29. Government consultants have historically been duping tax payers. this is nothing new. Foreign consultants, especially in the construction field, have been gaming the system for decades.

    The PLP had its share of consultants who got rich and now its the FNM’s turn. Its a problem that can easily be fixed with an an independent external auditor but it will never happen because these politicians and their cronies are making too much money.

    Like the Gomez report stated a few years ago, the Bahamas is riddled with corruption.

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