COVID positive patient on Bimini last week now in the intensive care unit in a Miami hospital – This comes after sitting and coughing inside the Bimini Baptist Church!


PM Minnis must reconsider his international arrivals decision before the nation becomes dangerously infected with COVID19

Florida has reported big jumps in hospitalizations for COVID-19. An ICU doctor at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami says he’s seeing more young people than before.

NASSAU| A serious concern is brewing on the island of Bimini after a woman has been admitted to hospital in Miami.

A major funeral for a 95-year-old woman brought the huge family into the Baptist Church on Bimini for the homecoming service. The family came from Florida, Freeport, New Providence, and surrounding area
But, as one of the relatives sought a flight into Miami after coming down with serious complications, today that close relative has right now tested positive with COVID19.

The confirmation has left relatives and health officials scrambling to get tested and some relatives, although showing no symptoms, have gone into isolation. 

Bahamas Press is warning the Minnis Government – before bad grows to worse – to take the advice of Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis and reconsider the rush to reopen international borders. Ramp up mass testing and develop a serious system of Contact Tracing! This is sound,  “Scientific Based” advice presented by Brave Davis!

This latest development of an explosive amount of cases on Grand Bahama proves that the Minnis Government is about to crash and burn the Bahamian economy! 

This latest issue amplifies the dangerous levels of the incompetence of this Minnis-led government in managing this crisis and feeds the public narrative that the Minnis government does not know what they are doing.

The man does close the beaches and refuses to intelligently produce scientific evidence to support his decisions.

Meanwhile, guests are jumping the fences and failing to produce proper COVID19 negative results upon entry into the country! WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!