John Pinder has stalled the VOTE OF THE PEOPLE AT WSC?! Could this be a general election test run?


NASSAU| It appears as if John Pinder has made a booboo. I feel he has proven that he has NO BALLS and will kneel down, at short notice, to appease his political boss.  No wonder he alledgely abandoned his own union position to be strategically placed in his present position for a time such as this.

The BUSAWU elections that were won fair and square, in a landslide, by Dwayne Woods and Independent Coalition Team has been scuttled by Pinder and is now in the hands of Carl Bethel and the Attorney General’s office.

Can this be a plan to sabotage the results because the FNM allegedly backed the team that was beaten to a pulp, causing Adrian Gibson to have nightmares?

Is John Pinder now in the business of destorying UNIONS?

Gibson is deeply embarrassed following the defeat along with his contacted FNM inside “Sugar Boy”, who is also on contact with the Corporation monthly payroll to do Public Relations. Together they could not bring home the bacon for Hubert Minnis. How sad!

The question is: how can an election with a margin so wide be a problem? How come Pinder, who we understand hand-picked a team that oversaw the election, which found no irregularities and/or inconsistencies BEFORE or ON the day of the election?

Could it be a plan by Carl Bethel, and Pinder plan to totally disregard the “will of the people?” What can be the basis of this dangerous delay and stalling tactic? IS THERE REALLY CORRUPTION? Or is this a dry run to the General Elections when the biggest CUT-YINNER-KNOW-WHAT will hit the FNM like Hurricane Dorian!

This appears to be the modus operandi of the FNM though. It is my personal belief that they are suffering from embarrassment and deep disillusionment and depression in these days as the end is near.

Bethel’s record is dismal, to put it mildly, a disgrace to the public, and a national embarrassment to the world! But he has no shame ya know! None whatsoever! One needs only to remember his wicked plot against Shane Gibson and Frank Smith’s cases.

More embarrassment is on the way, you just wait and see.

Oh and in case the juvenile Chairman of WSC don’t know – We have seen that “Sugar Boy” Monthly PR contract!

We report yinner decide!