COVID19 rocks  Bahamas Department of Corrections with multiple shifts in quarantine…

Slop buckets still being used at Fox Hill prison | The Tribune
The Bahamas Department of Corrections

NASSAU| A serious situation is unfolding inside The Bahamas Department of Corrections (BDOCS) on Fox Hill Road.

Bahamas Press is getting confirmation that a number of untested, UNVACCINATED prisoners have come down with the deadly COVID19 virus.

We can report multiple shifts (prison officers) are on quarantine at the Prison/BDOCS. The spread is wide.  Officials have told us Inmates have contracted the virus flying in and out of Family Island courts (UNTESTED) and yet no one is saying anything to officers who are turning up sick.

COVID cases have shown up in sections of Maximum, Medium and at the Remand Center. The silence by prison officials is shocking. Some are busy – out campaigning.

We report yinner decide!