Customs seizes Royal Bahamas Defence Force Cargo found on vessel coming out of Orlando! Robbers Abound!


Marines smuggle items through the ROYAL BAHAMAS DEFENCE FORCE?

HMBS Lawrence Major

NASSAU| There is breaking news coming into Bahamas Press tonight that the Bahamas Customs Department has seized items found on the RBDF Roll-on Roll-off vessel after it was discovered that items were hidden onboard.

BP is learning The Customs Department took possession of the items on HMBS Lawrence Major Cargo Vessel which which was docked in Orlando for some 10 days. The discovery came following a crime stoppers tip which exposed how the vessel was being used to smuggle items into the country. IMAGINE THAT!

Scores of items smuggled into the Bahamas onboard the RBDF VESSAL HMBS Lawrence Major

The vessel had just returned from Orlando after collecting its supplies of life rafts. However, it was also discovered that someone – possibly high up – decided to transport a number of personal items on the vessel. WHAT CORRUPTION!

The Customs Department Special Investigations Unit found a number of household appliances including Washing Machines, cases of beer and pallets of grocery items onboard. The crooked marines would have to pay for the items before they are released. Robbers ABOUND! The captain should be the first to be punished for this blatant abuse of the law. But hey – THIS IS A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT!

Customs and the RBDF officials will now seek to uncover whose items were allowed to be smuggled into the country on a military vessel.

We hope they check to see if any illegal weapons were stored inside those washers or hidden away in the cereal box.

We report yinner decide!