PLPs must be reminded of ‘Da SNITCH’ – Ask OBIE Wilchcombe what happened to the BMW!

Obadiah Hercules Wilchcombe – aka Da SNITCH

NASSAU| So Obie wants to be Chairman of the PLP? Like, really? You know you must wonder why some people would even consider such sinful thoughts in their mind.

As the PLP mounts its campaign to form the next government of the Bahamas, here comes – out of nowhere – one foul snake that has been slithering its way around the party since the days of Pindling. And we at BP ga deal with this animal and its entire offspring once and for all. After this week of Convention, the Party will be given a birth of renewal – and the snake will be no more.

In case you are confused, well, we are discussing Obadiah Hercules Wilchcombe – aka Da SNITCH. Yeah, him!

This week Da SNITCH release a foul video narrated by him, suggesting what he thinks the PLP should become. Well, we at BP know what the PLP will become after the Da Snitch and all the offspring are discarded.

Da Snitch, many know, was the creature who brought the PLP into debt not once, but twice while he served as Chairman. Paid no one and ran away into the dark.

Some FACTS PLPs should remember:

1)   Who was the only Chairman in the history of the party to have his car repossessed while serving as a parliamentarian? What happened to the BMW, OBIE?

2)   Who was the ONLY Chairman in the history of the party that demanded to be paid a stipend?

3)   And why would a Chairman, who claims to love PLPs, throw his colleagues under the bus after using them for his own personal gain? Ask the former female MP for Marco City!

We ga leave it there for now and come back in just a few hours with more updates to this as we cut bush down in the PLP in search of that foul snake inside the organization.

We want the country and the world to see that BP is coming to weed out the SNITCH and all the offspring.

We report yinner decide!