Davis, Cooper, and COVID-19 task force open FOOD BANK for the PEOPLE!


PLP Leader the Hon. Philip Brave Davis is seen leading the PLP’s food distribution drive to families in both New Providence and the Family Islands in the face of COVID-19 pandemic. The photos were taken on Thursday 23rd April 2020.

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis opens FOOD BANK to Help People affected by COVID19 fallout…

NASSAU| As the old adage goes, true leaders lead by example, they listen intently to the needs of their people and are typically found on the ground, in the trenches during the challenges of its people thereby empowered by the voice of reason and make decisions based on all judgements.

Today, I alongside the PLP Covid19 task force, seize the opportunity to feed our Bahamian people who have gone hungry and pleaded for weeks on end for its government to remedy the famine many Bahamians face amidst this pandemic.
We could stand by and listen no more without moving in.

Some may say, but you aren’t in power there’s no benefit and to this we say…. It’s made no difference that we are not in the divers seat so much as our people, the Bahamian people do not lose the hope that makes us a resilient people.

We the PLP were born in an era of Sir Lynden O. Pindling which in itself bears a silver lining of hope. Our foundation forbids us to see our people suffer and stand by. So we give abundantly.

PLP Leader Philip Brave Davis and I Chester Cooper.