Defense in Adrian Gibson Trial wants Supreme Court Judge removed…

Adrian Gibson


NASSAU| The trial of Free National Movement Member of Parliament, Adrian Gibson, has taken an unexpected turn as the defense seeks to have Supreme Court Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson removed from the case.

The move comes amid a flurry of attacks by social media trolls against the learned judge, fueled by leaked documents and speculative commentary.

The defense has given notice of its intent to file a motion on the grounds that certain counsel representing the Director of Public Prosecutions utilized the official vehicle of Justice Grant-Thompson to transport prosecutorial files and materials to the office of the DPP.

Should their motion to remove the judge be unsuccessful, the defense has indicated their intention to request a mistrial.

Grant-Thompson, who has been presiding over the high-profile trial, found herself under intense scrutiny following revelations that her aide-de-camp, unbeknownst to her, provided transportation to staff of the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP).

The driver, a police officer, offered the ride to employees who lacked transportation at the time. Despite the seemingly innocuous nature of the incident, social media trolls have launched a barrage of attacks against the judge, further complicating an already contentious trial.

Gibson stands accused of failing to disclose his interests in contracts issued to the Water and Sewerage Corporation during his tenure as executive chairman. Additionally, prosecutors allege that some funds from these contracts were used for the purchase of properties and vehicles.