Michael Pintard, the Seat warmer

Duane Sands (left) and Michael Pintard -File Photo

Dear BP,

Michael Pintard’s victory, a testament to an irrelevant political party’s desperate choice, was quickly overshadowed by his immediate actions.

Instead of proving his worth, he resorted to a barrage of empty threats and promises, a familiar tune that had previously alienated his party from the Bahamian electorate.

With the stop, review, and cancel as their only plan for the Bahamas, Pintard and his cronies appear hell-bent on stopping any PLP project regardless of its potential benefits for Bahamians. Their actions, or Inactions, while in government are a source of frustration as they continue to shift the blame onto the PLP for delayed projects when it is their callous and reckless actions that are the root cause.

And, when you look at the persons attending Pintards victory wake, you see a collection of failed ministers, party operatives and persons who would sell their mother’s jewellery for one more chance to get control over the public purse and engage in the same extravagant behaviour for which they were rightly rejected and condemned.

They may claim that Pintard is an intelligent man, but his actions speak otherwise. His political inexperience is glaring, as evidenced by his failure to recognize the fragility of his leadership position. Whether he admits it or not, he is only keeping the seat warm for the natural party leader, Duane Sands. Why? Duane Sands may appear to have accepted him as party leader, but he will never ever accept a leader who Sands believes is inferior to him in any way.

So, enjoy yourself, Pintard; evil men surround you.

Michael J. Brown