DEU officer shot in the chest 5AM This morning



Bahamas Press is reporting another officer of the Royal Bahamas Police Force was gunned down early this morning. BP can tell you the incident happened just two hours ago.

It was around 5AM while on duty the DEU officer was shot in the chest. The victim is listed in critical condition at Doctor’s Hospital and is at this hour undergoing surgery.


  1. Archie and i grew up as a kid practicing being police officers. I migrated to the U.S.A and he actually became an officer. I was troubled at first, I heard about the good job he was doing and it made me proud. Now today im graving in my heart. He died doing the thing that he loved the most. He died for his country. He should be rewarded along with all the officers who died for the Bahamas. YOUR A TRUE HERO.

  2. Maria, thank you so much for standing up for our police officers. I am the wife of a police officer, and believe me, when he have to get up and go to work at nights leaving me and my children behind it is so hard not knowing if he would return home safely. Police officers have families too, and while they are out their protecting the nation, their families are left behind to defend for themselves. Do please Bahamas pray for the family of police officers, because we are human too and we have feelings. Thank you.

      • So you say Reckless….It seems as though the honest people are being targeted by the crooked Cops who want to have them removed so they can run side jobs with these drugdealers on the streets….it all sounds too fishy to me!

  3. BP I was told by a police offcier that it was an accidental shooting. Nevertheless we must pray for our men and women of the Police Force. They don’t get the credit they deserve but I always commend them for their performance because they are protecting me and my family, DAY and NIGHT.

  4. Sigh … All we can do is pray as a nation. Prayer changes things. My loved one recently joined the RBPF and I am always worrying and praying for him.

    Lord will protect our officers.

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