Disbarred attorney files a writ in the Supreme Court on behalf of the Christian Council and the FNM to stop the Jan. 28th poll


Bodie working for the FNM and the Christian Council…WHAT IS THIS?

Bodie confronted for by another talkshow host!

Nassau, Bahamas — Just when we thought we had seen it all guess who we caught buying his numbers – Orthland Bodie Jr.

Bodie was caught “RED HANDED” buying his daily numbers. What we find shocking is this; why would the Christian Council and the FNM in their “NO” bid seek to deny Bahamians their right to legally and lawfully participate in a game here in the country? And in their attempt to stop, review and cancel – they use Orthland Bodie Jr. in the process to carry out the task.

Disbarred Lawyer – WORKING FOR THE FNM – Orthland Bodie Jr. has filed a frivolous writ in the Supreme Court of the Bahamas to stop the VOTE in support of regulating the Gaming and Webshop businesses in the country.

Boy I tell ya! Bodie you does gamble eh? See our report for yourself!

We report yinner decide!