Police Staff Association donates body armour to Force to fight crime


More police on the front lines are safer thanks to the Staff Association

Chairman of the Police Staff Association, Sergeant Darrell Weir (right) presents Police Commissioner, Mr. Ellison Greenslade, with one of the 30 pieces of body armour his Association recently donated for distribution among the membership of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Nassau, The Bahamas – Executives of the Police Staff Association recently donated 30 pieces of body armour to the Royal Bahamas Police Force to be distributed among its membership responsible for fighting crime on the frontline.
The Staff Association’s donation proves charity does indeed begin at home.

Police Sergeants 1714 Theresa Stuart and 1586 Lenny Rolle of the Mobile Patrol Division were the first recipients of the body armour.

“We are more than delighted to present these vests to the Commissioner of Police to assist our members as they fight on the frontline of crime,” Staff Association Chairman, Sergeant Darrell Weir said.

“One of the primary duties of police officers – particularly those on the frontline – is to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, but in doing that, we must help to ensure the safety of our officers who are fulfilling that mandate.

“Being able to outfit our membership with body armour is very significant because it adds to the officers personal safety and safety. By ensuring the safety of our members, we are better able to serve the people of The Bahamas by fighting crime on all levels while making it safe for all persons – police officers and citizens alike.

“We would like to thank those of our sponsors in Grand Bahama and New Providence who came to our assistance in helping purchase these vests,” Sergeant Weir added.

Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade applauded the Staff Association for their charity.

“Nothing is more important than the welfare of our people, particularly our people on the frontline, those officers in the Mobile Patrol Division and others parts of the organisation who are on the sharp end of policing daily,” Mr. Greenslade said.

“This goes a long way in demonstrating that we truly care and is further consistent with our mantra of Care, Respect and Trust. I have asked that we all consistently deliver care, respect and trust to our people and I am very pleased that this is evidence that this message is getting through and so we thank you sincerely and look forward to your continuing support.”

Sergeant Weir said distribution of the vests will be left in the hands of the Commissioner of Police and his Executive Management Team.

“That decision (of how the vests will be distributed) will be made by the Commissioner of Police, he being the head of our organisation, it will be up to him to decide who gets the vests, we just turn them over to him, but the fact of the matter is whoever gets them, we will be better protecting our members,” Sergeant Weir added.