DPM Desmond Bannister awards $806,000 contract to brother


Yinner see yet why Minnis and Bannister cannot do nothing with Adrian Gibson WSC Scandals… FRIENDS FAMILY AND LOVERS GETS ALL!

Desmond Bannister

NASSAU| Leaked documents from the Ministry of Works reveal that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works Desmond Bannister awarded a sidewalk contract for $806,577.85 to his brother.

The contract, awarded to Sean Smith, is for sidewalk construction on Charles Saunders Highway from Beatrice to Pigeon Plum Street. The company was contracted to construct sidewalks on both sides of the road.

According to the leaked documents, $718,158.80 is for the construction of a six-foot wide concrete sidewalk, $86,419.06 is for value added tax (VAT), $1,000 for traffic management and $1,000 for limited liability insurance.

Bannister was counting on the fact that few people know that Smith, who owns S and S Painting and Maintenance Service, is his brother as the two men have different surnames. They have the same mother.

Some question if his own conflicts of interest in the Ministry of Works are the reason Bannister has been silent on the controversial Water and Sewerage Corporation contracts issued to the then fiancée, first cousin and campaign general of chairman Adrian Gibson.

Bannister’s deafening silence is in stark contrast to his grand pronouncements in 2017.

After revealing what he called PLP corruption in 2017, Bannister said he had no problem with opening the files so all can see that his claims of corruption, abusive conduct and questionable actions on the part of the Christie administration could all be verified.

“We have nothing to hide from the opposition or the Bahamian people as members opposite did so frequently during their time in power,” he previously said.