Meltdown in Health as CMO called senior financial officer “a Jungalist”


NASSAU| A Big Row breaks out inside the office of the OUTGOING Minister of Health Renward Wells as BP was there examining some outdated testing strips inside the department this week.

We were minding our own business, reading files (some of which are about to be shredded, when all we could hear was screams and shouts coming from inside the Health Minister’s office. (That was when BP’s eyes grew wide and wider).

Renward Wells, the man who paid himself, his secretary and driver $5,000 out of an honorarium designed for health first responders in the pandemic, was having a meeting with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Pearl McMillian and Acting PS Siobhan Deane.

The women almost came to blows as the Minister and his able assistant were like referees between the two violent officials in Health. Well, what is this.

Everyone paid close attention to what was next as the CMO called the admin officer a “Junglist” as she was named by the top financial officer as, “da worst person ever to sit in the position as CMO”.  BP could not believe what we were hearing in the midst of a global pandemic and health crisis affecting the health of people all across the Bahamas. And all this row comes over a new list for honorarium payouts.

But as the doors opened and the women left, the heated room filled with hate with the CMO saying she need to up her meds to cope.

Hanging his head looking defeated was the disgraced Minister looking on. The silence, however, was broken when a loud speaker interrupted with these words, “Hello: I am Philip Edward Brave Davis”.

Health is in a crisis. It is void of leadership. The morale in healthcare in the country is low and the Minnis government is lost and is getting no respect from the public. Bahamian citizens are dying.

Files we read in our visit showed how some five Bahamians have died of COVID19 at the South Beach Clinic in the last two days. 

More than 100 patients are in PMH Covid wards and tents. Doctors on the frontline are disgruntled and threatening to withdraw services. And right now the two women at the top of Healthcare are not speaking to each other.  What a time!

We are in URGENT need of a NEW DAY!

We report yinner decide!