Eddie Long’s attempt to meet the Prime Minister flopped – PM was in meetings and had no time for the disgraced preacher!


Every MP in the Government declined to attend the American Preacher’s Conference on PI

Eddie Long's Conference snubbed by officials.

Nassau, Bahamas — It was not business as usual in the Office of the Prime Minister when a Full Gospel preacher and disgraced Bishop Eddie Long attempted to get an audience with the Prime Minister.

Sources deep in the OPM said that the scene was the funniest ever and, like a scripture out of the Bible where a man had a dinner and could not get one friend to attend, so it was when the PM tried to get one of his MPs to attend that meeting on Paradise Island.

“As the disgraced Bishop entered the compound all I could see was people racing out of the office to lunch, it was as if some plague had entered the building. Lucky for the PM, he, too, locked his office doors and told the secretary he was ‘locked down’ in meetings and could not see anyone at this time.”

According to our source deep in the building, “That was when a senior officer in the PM’s office appeared like Houdini and asked, how can we help? It was as if he came to negotiate on behalf of the PM who sat with key advisors behind the locked doors. The full gospel preacher said, ‘We have come to make a courtesy call on the PM.’”

Little did they know, the visit was no courtesy call at all, but more like a suicide bomber mission, with a man with a straped on packed belt loaded with dangerous high powered toxic bombs called ‘sexual scandal’ which, if detonated, could destroy an entire government – and the PM was not entertaining it.

Sexual crimes against children are no laughing matter in the Bahamas and for the disgraced preacher to walk boldly in the OPM proves we still have a long way to go.

McAlpine may represent the former government at Spirit & Truth Conference.

We never found out if Christie did in fact meet the American preacher, but we know his attempt failed to arrange for one of his MPs to attend the event now underway on Paradise Island. But guess what?

As the secretary telephoned Minister after Minister and MP after MP, it was discovered that not only PM had locked his office doors in the OPM, but every Minister  and MP in the government refused the call coming from the Bahamian White House.


Minister after Minister declined the offer to attend the Spirit and Truth Conference on Paradise Island. Even the Minister of Tourism, who has a department for Religious Tourism in his Ministry, declined meeting with Long and this week was locked down in meetings in Grand Bahama to stay away.

One MP did agree to attend the event, and told the OPM he has enough balls to attend the event on PI. The MP is known for his “nailing habits”.

We ‘ga’ keep that MP’s name close to our chest and leave it for the wutless media in the Bahamas who have ducked the Long visit in the press to share with you Joe Public.

Sources tell us a Full Gospel Bahamian preacher is the keynote speaker at tonight’s $100 per person event and guess what? Even his members have declined to attend.

We report yinner decide!