Eyewitness news severs contract with its General Manager!


Michelle Malcolm

Nassau – Bahamas Press is reporting turmoil has set in deep inside a newsroom in the capital.

New Eyewitness News has severed their relationship with newly appointed news General Manager Michelle Malcolm.

Sources close to BP said, “It has been rough inside the station dealing with these number boys. With the rising taxes and reduced spending power especially inside the web shops things are becoming slow all across the country. Business has greatly fallen off and we know it will get worse before it gets better with no plan or direction for the country.”

Malcolm separated from the news station on this past Thursday and no statement or announcement has come from the network. Meanwhile for some weeks now Orthland H. Bodie Jr. show was not on the air. We don’t know why and we are inquiring.

It’s a good thing BP is the only real eyewitness in the country.

We report yinner decide!