Flop when it comes to sex


Flop when it comes to sex

One lady friend sent and email wondering: What would you do if you met the person of your dreams, but they were an absolute flop when it came to sex?

I don’t know much about how women’s brain work, but in my short experience the brain of the guys is very simple. Let me give you my simplified version, again this is a generalization, there must be some exceptions out there, it’s just that we never crossed paths. Basically it’s like a needle scale; on one end we have food, on the other end we have sex, and in the middle we have what I would call our hobby. Because it isn’t exactly our hobby, but things that we can share mostly with other guys; for some men it can be a sport, for others it can be cars, or techy gadget or whatever but not related to any of the ends of the scale.

So if the needle is the one indicating what’s going on in a guy’s mind, we would see that needle jumping like crazy from one end to the other, doing a quick pit-stop in the middle but just to jump again to the next stop that will be any of the ends. That doesn’t mean that we have other things in our minds, but the needle moves so fast that for the outsiders it seems like we overlook those.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand how is it that we actually get to accomplish tasks with all these thoughts constantly bombarding our minds. The explanation is again simple; we get used to them, we learn to put them on the side and focus on other stuff. Although the thoughts keep coming, we don’t pay too much attention to them because we know at some point we’ll take care of them.

Now that we are clear on how our mind works, we are aware not only of the frequency of those thoughts, but also in the amount of hours per day that we dedicate to them.. And I said them because I am not referring to sex thoughts but to sex and food thoughts. I think we can agree that they are equally important, come on, they are at both ends of the scale…   READ MORE

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