Friends with Benefits


It can’t get better than this. I mean, you are having all the ups and none of the downs. You care about him/her; doing things together is fun, you enjoy his/her company and those chats, he/she makes you laugh with those text messages, and like if that was not enough, after dinner and a movie, sex! What else can you ask for? Ah, sorry, yes, I forgot, LOVE. That’s what’s missing in order to make it perfect…

Because as we discussed on “Mind blowing sex is nice, but what about what the heart wants?” where we agreed that we can’t manipulate our feelings, thus we can’t always satisfy our heart’s willingness. So you may decide to settle for this type of relationship. But that would sound sad. With all the movies, songs, poems and novels created about love stories, which clearly surpasses the number of the ones created about friendship, you might be missing something by settling.

So I rather like to think that this friend with benefits relationship is something you are considering in the meantime, until love comes. But then my question would be how are you going to find love if you are stuck in this almost perfect relationship?   READ MORE…

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