FNM Statement Re: PLP Statement on PM’s GB Speech


What secures our democracy is an adherence to the rule of law as well as transparent and accountable governance.  A recent statement by the Opposition once again demonstrates their often fleeting acquaintance with these pillars of democratic governance.

All Bahamians Must Abide by the Law

The FNM has gone to extraordinary lengths to preserve jobs at BTC, as well as to agree to a partnership with C&W which will make Bahamians shareholders in the new company.   We have and will continue to act in good faith.

As the Government of the day, we also have an obligation to uphold the rule of law.  In accordance with that solemn obligation, we will act in an appropriate manner, consistent with the law, if any of the unions in the BTC dispute seek to act in an illegal manner in contravention of our labour laws which are clearly enumerated in the Employment and Industrial Relations Acts.

We expect the Opposition to support the Government’s legal actions and oppose any actions by the Unions not in accord with the law.  Failure by the PLP to support the rule of law, will clearly demonstrate what their intensions are as regards to current debate on BTC.

PLP’s Lack of Transparency and Accountability

In the matter of the PLP’s proposed fire sale of BTC to the phantom entity Bluewater Ventures, the Government noted in a recent press statement:

“Firstly, it is not possible to know who Bluewater is because there is no history to refer to.  Bluewater was a shell company registered offshore in Jersey in the Channel Islands, and was established in 2003, 140 years after Cable & Wireless commenced operations.  It had no financial statements and no organizational support.  It only had 2 issued shares of 1 UK pound each. It was previously called Bluewater Communications Ventures Ltd.  It changed its name to Bluewater Ventures Ltd. removing the word “Communications”.

“As far as we know, given the 2 shareholders are nominee companies, its principal is one individual foreigner who used to be in a communications business, NTL, which went into bankruptcy in 2002.  We don’t know who the shareholders are, as this information was never provided to us.  It is mind-boggling that a decision was once taken by a Government of The Bahamas to sell BTC to this entity.  It is even more astonishing that there are those still bold enough to publicly tout this experience today.”

In marked contrast the FNM has agreed to partner with Cable and Wireless, a reputable company with over a century and a half in telecommunications, publicly traded and is in good financial standing around the world including across the Caribbean.

The Government publicly announced the Memorandum of Understanding with Cable and Wireless the very day it was agreed.  Further, the details of a partnership will be debated in the House of Assembly in the full sight of the Bahamian people, unlike the PLP’s closed door dealing which never saw the light of day.

The FNM is Government in the Sunshine, as opposed to the smudgy and hazy dealing by the PLP on deal after deal, with Bluewater as the latest troubling example.


  1. I taught you protecting we papa
    This is not about a legal or illegal Protest

    You are PM Hubigity, You are never to sell our Birth Rights , Your Birth Rights, this land is your land , this land is my land from Nassau to Inagua , upwards to the Berry Island

  2. Ahhhhh the ACE strikes again, We cutting with DUECES dis year papa, aiiiiinnnnn lonnnnng na.

    Ministry of Works Organization and National Security Tommy T, bringing the Bahamas to a cripling economic HOLT. In America people die over hand shakes , and are Sued over contract litigations, Let us not put our nation in the entangled web of another nation, but be encourage to stand on our own feet. The botom line is I see the Bahams being sued for the additional 49% of BTC, ( for Technical or Logistic Reason). If we continue to sell the Bahamas piece by piece, soon our most worthy allies would have infiltrated and own a whole and not a piece of the Commonwealth Of The Bahamas for $1US dollar( currently worth nothing).

  3. The FNM has once again attempted to distract Bahamians from the salient points as they relate to C&W and its MoU with the Government. The FNM would do well to simply answer the MANY questions that Bahamians have put to them instead of trying to play a game of spin.

  4. It is no surprise that we read about who has experience and no named persons to refer, I just want to remind us that shortly after 1992 when the FNM opened up the air waves the first station to be granted a licence with confidence was 100 Jams [owned by the tribune “I believe”] where was the history in relation to this company and Radio, we conveniently use no history many time to satisfy our interest, this must stop because the only fools in such circumstances is the ones proposing these ideas. If after 140 years of doing business, why is there so many negative reports about how this Company operates.The next concern shared is, we in The Bahamas live as our neighbor to the North, our proximity is and gives good reason for our life style, It is my belief that our standard of living is way above that of our Caribbean Family, to allow this standard to be compromised with a British entity will be disastrous to say the least, ..Those of us old enough know very well how Brits live, I remember many of my former School Principals who wore the same cloths at school for 2 week at a time dirty or not,we cannot submit to a lower standard than what we are accustomed too

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