Former PLP candidate once locked down in a Cuban jail considered for a seat in Eastern New Providence?


Bad PLP Candidate called PAPA to get him free while jailed in Cuba!

Pinstripe had to call papa to get out of Castro jail!
Pinstripe had to call papa to get out of Castro jail!

Nassau, Bahamas – PLPs will get the shock of their lives when they find out who the party is considering to nominate in the upcoming general elections.

The oldest political party has yet to learn from its painful past mistakes and is about to make a bad decision one again by nominating another WUTLESS citizens to be an elected to Parliament.

The candidate, who we will not name at this time, once ran for the PLP and was beaten like a drum when the party was toppled from power back in 2007.

Only Bahamas Press remembers how the bad candidate could not find two pennies to rub together before wiggling into the machine of the PLP, but after five years in office he ran off to Cuba with more than $1 million on his bank account.

The bad candidate had made many trips deep into the jungles of South America [once with a man who said he wanted to bring sexy back to the FNM] but after landing in Cuba found himself in a heap a trouble after being caught with a toy boy in Havana.

We at BP – and only us – remembers how that dutty nasty PLP candidate called former Maximum Leader of the FNM for help to allow him to escape from the rat infested jail.

But now that he is out and back in place [pinstripes and all], deep in the glory of the ruling – soon FIRED – Christie Government, the bad candidate is now on the ground in a constituency in the east seeking a nomination within the PLP! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

We warn the PLP to remember Andre Rollins and how that “political prostitute” single-handedly bust-up the entire party before abandoning the people of Fort Charlotte.

Leaders inside the PLP should choose wisely this time around or face the music from the people, and most importantly, Bahamas Press!

We will not play dead and allow the party of Pindling, Butler and Hanna to ever walk down that road again!

Keep that Cuban Escapee off the PLP ticket!

We report yinner decide!


  1. Who remembers that old Pinder Tile commercial when Greg Lambkin said “Pinder where you come from?” That is all I will say on this matter.

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