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  1. The major problem are the duties (I call it high tax for poorer people because the wealthy elite do NOT need to pay income tax and the – politicians or lawyers – can easily afford to pay even ten box for a imported bread). Not only City Market has high prices same thing with Super Value! Another problem are the prices for sodas and beer. Tourist wonder that a soda can cost 99 cents in the US and 2.69 in Bahamian shops even whereas produced in the Bahamas. And no Bahamian wonder that German quality beer can cost 55 cents and Bahamian Kalik 1.80 dollar. Does it seem to you that the big business is owned by certain people having the license to rib the poor people off? The leaders of PLP and FNM never gave evidence to be interested in a social market economy.

  2. This food store is the most expensive in all of Nassau.Almost evreything in the store cost more than every major shops.
    Stores are seling tuna at a regular price of $1.09 they are selling it at sales price for $1.19