Grand Cay Parent Cry SHAME on INGRAHAM & BETHEL




Grand Cay, ABACO: After plunging the country into a bloody recession, stopping over $90 million in capital development contracts [including a school in Salina Point Acklins]. And after firing hundreds of government workers just after the May 2 general elections, the WUTLESS Ingraham government is now attempting to block young Bahamians from receiving a high school education.

Residents of Grand Cay Abaco, the constituency Hubert Ingraham represents, are decrying the lack of a fair and decent education at the local school on the island. “Ingraham says he is our representative, but he can’t be the Prime Minister of The Bahamas, denying students  in Grand Cay a good education? And what is his minister of education doing [about the situation] is ridiculous,” an irate parent told Bahamas Press.

The parent said that since early this year, the Prime Minister and Carl Bethel both knew that the Grand Cay All Age School was without teachers in English, Geography and History. “The ministry of education also knew of this problem as parents have written and complained about the situation, but it is clear no one cares about the young future leaders of this country,” the parent said.

“Because of the lack of teachers, the B.G.C.S.E grade 12 students do not know what to study in these subject areas, and will not be able to sit these examinations in May 2009. The first term is already concluded,” the parent continued.

Bahamas Press has also learned that because of the shortage of educators, the school on the island is suspended early everyday, leaving students idle throughout the community. “I am concerned because my son is in the 11th grade and he is home early every day because there are no teachers for the mentioned subjects,” the parent said.

This cannot be good, this cannot be right and why would Hubert Ingraham let his own community, which he has represented for the last 30 years, fall in such decay is beyond me. Ingraham does not care about us in Grand Cay! He does not care about the young people here! And from where I sit and what we see being played out across this country, with the hundreds now unemployed and taxed to their necks, he [Ingraham] could careless about the country even if sails to hell,” the parent told Bahamas Press.

Why Ingraham would allow this to happen to residents of his own constituency is beyond us. But much more importantly, why he would continue to allow a minister like Carl Bethel to sit idle and “DO NOTHING” in The Ministry of Education is far more shocking!

THE TRUST AGENDA STRIKES AGAIN!!!  This time at the heart of the people in ABACO! WE NEED CHANGE!


  1. Yeah Tristan. You gone too deep on that one. The man makes a horrible Minister but I dont think he is gay….lol

  2. Tristan you mean Carl Bethel the womanizer? He can’t be gay. Carl might do a lot of questionable things, but I don’t think he is gay. Having had the opportunity to work closely with some of these MPs and to learn some of their darkside, I realize these people are only showing you what they want you to see. The other day I was at Lucianos for lunch and hear this MP who I used to work with talking to someone about how he goes out his way to help people and how he tries to live a decent life. I know this wicked man personally, that almost cause me to choke on my food. If I started to expose (which I will never do) the stuff that I know about him, he would probably have a heart attack!

  3. Whats going on with Carl Bethel and EMRHS
    Whats going on With Ginn. They Leavin…WHY???
    Whats goin on With Royal Oasis????
    Whats goin on with Grand Bahama???
    Whats goin on

  4. What is going on at the school in Eight Mile Rock??

    Another student was stabbed in the back at CC Sweeting Sr. today..

    I also was at the First Carribbean bank in Oak’s Field and saw students chasing another student with cutlasses!!

    What is wrong with these young people???

  5. We hope some of you noticed how the director of education told a reporter yesterday that the ministry does have some teacher shortages. But who questioned if that was the case? It was not Belinda WIlson, nor was it any member of the opposition. Amazingly the reporter failed to identify the source of the information, which generated the question.

    Here again is a pure example of how members of the WUTLESS MEDIA and officers of the government would go to great length to cover for Hubert Ingraham.

    The SHORTAGE OF TEACHERS are on GRAND CAY ABACO! The constituency of the Prime Minister!


    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  6. What are you talking about – i was at the recent rally, were you? I am currently campaiging for 2012, are you? I am intimately involved in the branch development of my consituency, are you? You ahve no idea who I am or what I stand for so try to gain some facts before throwing out baseless accusations. Try to live up to your name.

  7. Canesfins, I always wanted to know what makes you believe that you are a PLP???

    People like you and Fayne Thompson only talk PLP but you all don’t support NONE of the events that are held by the PLP…

    Everything that the PLP has and I know of it, I am there…I support my party, Do you??

    I try to keep up with everything that is going on in the PLP, I don’t just talk PLP…

    People like you need to go and start your own party and be another Cassius Stuart!!

    In other words…I will not answer anything that you ask me directly because people like you are a hindrance to any organization!!

  8. This speaks to a reason for having very strong, independant school boards who are funded by central government but manage their own operations, including the hiring of teachers. This ,of course, would entail sufficiently populated islands having proper personel, answerable to the local administration who are in turn answerable to the school board, who in turn are answerable to the parents. A set budget, reflecting a per capita amount would be allocated to each school board in advance of the new school year. Eventually all property taxes would be assessed and collected by the elected local government. A set % of tax collected would be managed by the island school board with no interference from any other entity except by the usual oversight committee. Monies for capital expenditures (new schools, furniture etc.) would be funded by central government based upon a “needs” submission. Of course this would mean that all proprties would be taxed and there would be no exemptions. There is too much control by the central government and this needs to change. Ministries of Education should be in the business of making policies for education and not be in the “hands on” business of local schools. There are any number of models to choose from and Mr. Bethel et al should be examining which one will meet the needs of the
    Bahamas and get on with it. Time is wasting and we are falling way behind the rest of the world.

  9. Media I know they don’t like Bahamas Press, I don’t know why they have this type of mentality towards their own people. They believe Bahamian people need to be kept in the dark. Some people would go as far as to say that we don’t even deserve democracy.

  10. Education is the KEY! And one should ask, why is there ONLY music all day and NO discussion on the national station 1540AM. ALL day Rake N’ Scrape, Hubert has us right where he wants us. IT WAS HE WHO FIRED THE TALK SHOW HOSTS AT ZNS! Talking fool but he FREED THE AIRWAVES.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

    PS: And if they could, Bahamas Press would have went offline a LONG TIME NOW!

  11. Media this topic really brought tears to my eyes to see that government can treat our children future like this. This is so shocking to me; I have always thought that government of any country would embrace the idea to educate their people. The more educated people you have the more successful your country would be and there would be fewer burdens on the government.

  12. Well you know Kim when you see how the FNM stopped all of the school construction in the country, INCLUDING A SCHOOL AT SALINA, ACKLINS!

  13. This is a shame!! I had no idea this was going in Grand Cay Abaco, those other wutless media might as well close their doors. They are not informing the general public about anything that is really important. They are working along with these corrupt politicians and trying to keep us in the dark. These two clowns Ingraham and Bethel they can not be serious!! How could they play with our children education? How can we look to children to improve our National Grade point average, if the Min. of Education and the Prime Minister is displaying actions that education is not important? What is the Government doing to resolve this problem? It is difficult to believe our government is failing these children by not teaching them very essential subjects like English, Geography and History. Especially English!!! that is one of the first question potential employers ask you if you have any Math or English BGCSE and what are the grade points. You can’t tell them, “Well I don’t have it because the government did not take me seriously“. They would laugh you straight out of their office. The government needs to realize that this is our children futures they are playing with and they need to get serious. We already have too many illiterate people walking around that can not conduct a simple conversation.

  14. I even knew about this from a week after school started.. The PLP has been talking about this but as we all expect, the WUTLESS media does not report on any issue that will show up this govt!!

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