For the next 5 Days, Bahamas Press will publish daily, the ROAD TO VICTORY FOR BARACK OBAMA! CHANGE IS COMING TO THE WORLD!


  1. Drama King ill broadcast live from Chicago when Obama gives his VICTORY SPEECH
    I dont wan general crazy to run away on November 5 or 6. He needs to take his blows for McCain..lol

  2. Drama King what time the party starts? You could put me down for the coconut shrimps and coconut grouper, a bottle of Moet & Chandon White and a case of Zinfandel. I don’t mind baking two cappuccino cheese cake either. Let’s celebrate Obama victory in style.

  3. Hey my friends, i dont think we shouls run on with genetal crazy until he answer the following:
    What is the definition of Economics. Which Candidate has qualifications to be President?
    Which one has a better business plan to make money to boost the Economy? If you can answer and explain then you can talk. But right now, you really talking out your head…

  4. my head is rite here bro, just questioning the obamesiah. They say we are not allowed to question the great one, that we will be forever scorned, and sent to the kawna. I say hey and behold I am the crazy general, I can question any one i like for I am the true crazy one who rules this world.


  5. @Drama, I have been nice, wat are you talking about?? Is it wrong to question the Obamesiah?

  6. a sign of an obama presidency, just scripted questions, infomercials, and wont answer the tough questions from media that wont bow down to him – sorry but as obama said him self, he is not ready to be the president, the leader of a country – perhaps assign him a job as a mayor or governor so he can work up to president. BOL.

    And $4 million dollars is about what he spent on this, it shows that he cares nothing about the bad US economy and the poor people.

  7. Be nice General Crazy…..Joe Blow, I thought the infomercial was well put together too. Very professionally done. I think Obama is our man in the white house in january.

  8. Hope and Change is John McCain.
    Only change Obama has for emerica is a nickel and a dime.

  9. i pity emerica if they vote this unknown man into office as their president. so sad so done.

  10. I very much enjoyed the Obama infomercial. He was smart not to mention his opponent and to concentrate on his family history and his goals as President. It will not be an easy first term but I believe he can begin to unite the nation.

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