Haitian drug boat captain lost his appeal in the Court of Appeal…

Haitian vessel – file photo

NASSAU| A Haitian SLOOP captain once again exposed the real reason behind the illegal movement of humans between Haiti and the Bahamas.

Captain Clodius Michel, on June 23, 2018, docked his wooden sloop at a dock on Inagua where it was boarded by officers of the Drug Enforcement Unit. They found 40 pounds of cocaine which had a street value of some $330,000. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

The 33-year-old of La Tortue, Haiti admitted to trafficking the drugs which he was to deliver to another man in the Bahamas. However, he appealed the matter and suggested to the Court of Appeals that the sentence was too harsh. The Court of Appeals upheld the sentence.

BP for years warned that the trafficking of humans, which is an international crime, was the cover for drugs and weapons out of Haiti also. But who listens?

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