Scenes from that Traffic Fatality on Abaco on Sunday…

Scenes from that Abaco fatality on Sunday.

ABACO| While we were busy reporting that bad traffic fatality on Grand Bahama which claimed the life of Kristen Knowles and serious injured his two friends, another fatality was unfolding on the island of Abaco.

Police confirmed that shortly after 11:00pm (during curfew), police were called to the S.C Bootle Highway just east of the little Abaco Bridge, where an accident occurred involving a 2000 T-Rex Queen Truck driven by a lone male driver.

It is reported that the driver apparently lost control off the vehicle that overturned and was ejected from the vehicle. He was later pronounced dead by doctor at the Marsh Harbour Clinic.

Police are actively investigating this accident and are appealing to the motoring public to please drive within the speed limit and to always wear your seat belt.

BP has warned Bahamians and residents around the country to do not drink and drive. CALL UBER! Do not eat and drive. Do not text and drive this is not a game. Every night the highways of the Bahamas have become race tracks with vehicles with worn tires ready to blowout! Some vehicles have structural defaults when driving at a high rate of speed. BE WISE! Seatbelt save lives and speed kills!

We report yinner decide!

Long Islander dies in Abaco Traffic Fatality… BP is now confirming the name of the victim, who lost his life on Abaco Sunday. He is Dealo Pratt. He was from Long Island. He crashed one minute from his work where he was working on the little Abaco Bridge. May he rest in peace.