1. I am not to certain that this will be a Happy New Year from what I experienced at the Junkanoo parade today.There were few Policemen on duty and the Commissioner of Police Ferguson appeared lost.I understand that the Reservist did not show as they feel disrespected by Commissioner Ferguson.Mass sickout is the order of the day and will get worse if we do not now put Commissioner Greenslade at the helm and try to salvage what is left of our country.Political spitefulness is destroying the last fabric of our country we need real Policem,en back on the strret and not no slick talkers.This Govt that I unfortun ately supported last time has yet to deal with the Crime issue.I however give them an A for victimizatiopn and an F for controlling Crime.I like many others were duped.Change is what we need in Greenslade not this avalancvhe oif despair with the clueless Ferguson and his band of hopeless revellers.Help us Lord the criminals came to Bay Street and took over and Policeman run and hide.Who do we turn to ?

  2. BP was so lively in 2008. If you wanted to stay well informed this was definitely the place to hang out. We had it all going on here. There was some misunderstanding, drama, agreements, disagreement, many intelligent conversations and suggestions, jokes and more jokes and even respect and friendship was formed here. People from all different walks of life were welcome to express themselves. Even the ones, who did not make any sense, were not turned away. BP is truly a place where you can relax and feel free to be yourself and feel at home. I wish all of you who make up the BP family and your extended family and friends a Happy New Year with God’s Blessing and I look forward to BP being even better in 2009.

  3. Happy New year, to all the daily readers to BP and may all your New Year resolution come through this year.Enjoy this first day and every other days to come in this year.

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