Has anyone heard from Cable Bahamas or NewCo?


The Prime Minister called for all services to show up at NEMA and Cable Bahamas Failed to SHOW! WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?!

Nassau, Bahamas – While all services were gathered together to update the nation on what was happening with their services in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, Cable Bahamas and its sister NEWCO failed to show. Well, Wait!
Both were missing in action.

The NEMA meeting was being chaired by Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie at the NEMA head office on Gladstone Road.

CBL is the vehicle that broadcasts ZNS throughout the Nation and this is a very important service in times of national disasters. But no one – not even the Prime Minister – knew if anyone was even listening to the broadcast or where Cable Bahamas was.

Cable has completely abandoned the country in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. Within hours every platform of CBL; Cable, internet and its new mobile phone company, NewCo, were all offline and off the grid.

But you know we joe public have some words for Cable and its sister NewCO:

1) Why didn’t Cable Bahamas give a status update following crucial hours in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew?

2) Why didn’t Cable Bahamas give residents the true status of its RevVoice service or its NewCo service following the passage?

3) One must now question, given the fact that communications are critical in the face of disaster, if the CBL phone and mobile service is an essential service?

4) Where was NewCo? Didn’t they launch October 1st – just days before the storm?

Inquiring Bahamians want to also know will late fees be applied, seeing that thousands of Bahamians have no service from Cable?

Where is URCA on these serious infractions?

By the way, we wait to hear what URCA has to say about their investigations into NEWCO and its quiet launch?

We report yinner decide!