Did NewCo meet its Launch Date of October 1st? We don’t think so…



Nassau, Bahamas – URCA has embarked on an investigation into the mobile services of NewCo and on Tuesday October 4th confirmed their intent to the public.

We at Bahamas Press await URCA’s discovery as we know somewhere deep inside the regulatory body there are some tight associations.

NewCo announced a $500 per month data package and in a release on October 1st NewCo announced, “This week several calls have been placed. We have now issued phones and NewCo SIMs to staff members and they are actively using the service to call each other…” To Staff? What about the public? Were they even ready for the public?

The requirements by URCA were as follows as stated in a press statement on October 4th:

“The first milestone in the roll-out conditions set out in the ISL requires that NewCo provides cellular mobile services to the general public with its own cellular mobile network covering 99% of New Providence and 80% of Grand Bahama, by 1st October 2016. URCA has commenced a verification exercise to determine whether or not NewCo has in fact achieved this important first milestone. The verification is expected to take approximately four (4) weeks, and once completed URCA will update the public of the outcome. If URCA determines that NewCo has not met its rollout obligations, URCA may exercise its rights under the Performance Bond submitted to URCA on behalf of NewCo, up to the amount of $4 million in respect of this first milestone.”

Since Hurricane Matthew both URCA and NewCo have gone quiet and we believe in that silence is the belief that no service has been actually launched. The system is not reaching 99% of New Providence and 80% Grand Bahama. And das our assessment! Where was NewCo during the storm?

We report yinner decide!