Homes flooded as Hurricane Dorian stalls over Grand Bahama…


FREEPORT| Live scenes from residents located Over-the-Bridge in Pine Bay Freeport community on Grand Bahama Island as Hurricane Dorian moves inland as a Cat 4 Hurricane.

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    • I think he had a few charged up batteries and by the looks of his home he must of had a phone that reached the mainland to catch the signal to post this video he had no power for sure!

  1. Portrait mode sucks dude. You could have made a better video by filming in “landscape”. You wouldn’t have had to move the cam from left to right so much. Geesh. (But hey, thanks for sharing.)

    • I don’t think in his situation he was thinking gee should I use portrait or landscape…. Hmmm….let’s see…. I think he was just thinking let’s just film this and show people what is really going on for real down here and not some movie from Hollywood!

      • Seems like 90% of people just don’t think. You see it all the time. It’s a matter of conditioning rather than thought. It’s really odd too being all movies film in landscape mode, all old day cameras were in landscape mode but with phones the mental default is portrait. (Not for me because I have owned real cameras.)

        But still, the video was appreciated, it just could have been better. And his situation? He calmly walked from window to window, he was not in a panic.

      • I am literally frozen in disbelief by “Stoker.AZ” and the massively twisted set of priorities here, so I won’t heap on much more abuse. I’m betting the farm and all Vegas money this kid has a questionable skillset and no coping mechanisms. That’s all I got. I’m totally blown away how anyone could achieve a level of crystalline arrogance where ‘this scenario’ is ripe for unsolicited tutorial.

        “Yes, I’m aware you could die should your structure not prove as capable as designed, and you’re very calm considering context so you’re a strong person. Despite the extreme circumstance, I believe you need my academic tutelage regarding videography best practices. Next time you face death in a Category 5 hurricane, you’ll recall the day I blessed you with my exceptional lesson on de rigeur visual preferences. No need to thank me, but please do thank me.”

        Screams leftist. This concentrated level of purified narcissism absent thought is so common it’s comical.

    • Why so dickish? Can I hear an Amen? He’s riding out a Cat 5 and you’re concerned about portrait mode etiquette?

      • I said “Thanks”. It was a cool video of awesome circumstance. The point is, if you don’t point out the difference, people may never learn to shoot a proper video. Not trying to be dickish, more educational. I hope the next time he or anyone reading this remembers “I can catch more action in landscape”.

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