Fear of casualties are being reported in Abaco – Marsh Harbour under water…


Marsh Harbour, Murphy Town, and Dundas Town Abaco are all reporting mass devastation – Communities destroyed and citizens left homeless…

ZNS denied callers from affected areas from calling into the national network during its Hurricane Coverage…WHY?

BP BREAKING| We are getting reports of casualties in ABACO. The island has been disconnected from communications. Sources on the island have communicated directly to BP confirming some deaths amidst the devastation on the island of Abaco.

Now, in a statement from the Ministry of Health, they said today, September 1, 2019, “there have so far been no reported deaths on the island of Abaco, which is currently being impacted by Hurricane Dorian, other than the recent fatality in Sandy Point, Abaco.”

However, our team from Abaco confirms, “The place is a disaster, no business is operable and bodies are floating around Big Cat. The concern is nobody knows how many people died, and they feel when the water subsides some bodies will be washed out to sea.”

Today ZNS denied callers from the affected areas the opportunity to call into the national network and hosts controlled the commentary on national tv.

Dorian is a Category 5 hurricane packing winds of some 185mph.

Did the Bahamas Government pay up its Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF)? And will the agency now pay the People of the Bahamas for devastating coverage in Abaco????

We report yinner decide!


  1. Bain Town is in no need of your prayers! Bahamians are so blinded by their idiotic tribal surrender of sensibility—which they call party politics…that they remain ignorant to the reality of being fooled for 52 years now, not 2 years. It matters not, the party in power, because without vision the country perishes…what started out 52 years ago as a vision for the people—quickly died in its adolescent stage. After that fortuitous passing; The Bahamas has endured self-serving pirates, disguised as servants of the people. Don’t isolate your prayer request for Bain Town, do so for the entire country…because vernacular-eloquence does not make a leader.

    • you could say that of americans as well so what is your point? Loss of life from a hurricane is not politics, it is nature evolving and tragic for all

      • I can’t say that about Americans because the comment was not directed at a America, but rather at a constituency and Bahamian. The comment made was political…so my response was political.

      • I’m not deliberating making offensive or provocative comments…I responded in kind, to a politically motivated post–that was subsequently deleted. My opinion is my belief; hence, I am free to speak it.

        • b**** don’t you have somebody you could be helping while you’re trying to be political in the middle of a storm. TF!!!! people are DEAD! Nobody gives a f*** about the Bahemian history right now! take your ass outside and help somebody you inconsiderate fishmouth junglist! Mudda Sic dreed some people can be so f****** ignorant. how does it feel to be inhumane with a big vocabulary!

          • WOW!!! I came on here because I have ties to this country due to buying timeshare many years ago and then developing many friends in Freeport area who are native to the country and then I pop into this…WOW…… People need all the help they can get right now down there and believe me if I could get there I would be there right now but I can’t because not flight there…..but asap I will be going to get myself dirty to help out!

        • From your triggered response I can tell you have a lot of self-loathing. not once did I ask are you are a top or bottom. So NOW here we go! from your self loathing sexual orientation to your idiotic political stance. I’m sure you got your ass kicked a lot because of your sexual orientation but that is not my fault. Calling yourself names and expressing hatred for your country Explains It All and your mom should have swallowed! I hope you learn to love yourself one day so you don’t come off as venomous self-loathing and always in attack mode to prove your point! and guess who’s going to help people while your ass is still in this computer talking about how much you hate your country! https://media1.giphy.com/media/wWue0rCDOphOE/giphy.gif

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