Hospital Administrator placed on leave…


PM Minnis Dem has sent Hospital Administrator Mary Lightbourne-Walker on leave.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is learning that Hospital Administrator Mary Lightbourne-Walker has been placed on leave, according to sources inside the PHA.

Walker is a former nurse who became a part of the Hospital’s Administration, which has been under plenty heat in the management of the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Recently, elective surgeries had to be suspended as a result of a malfunctioning of the air-conditioning system. Meanwhile, we know meds for Aids patients and ventilators for babies were not supplied.

What is happening inside the hospital and, more importantly, the PHA is catastrophic. Meanwhile Minister Duane Sands found $1.8 million to award his friend Barbara Hanna a contract, which was never approved by the PHA Board and was never advanced or put before Cabinet.

What kind of unaccountable, corrupt government is dis PM Minnis is running? Yet Duane Sands still has a job!

We report yinner decide!