REPUBLISHED>>>>Hubert Flees Parliament as protesters gathered on Bay Street

Hundreds of Union Members gather to Bay Street in a March on Parliament against the sale of BTC to Cable & Wireless.

Ya been had [BTC]! Took [BTC] Hoodwinked [BTC] Bamboozled [BTC] Run-a-muck [BTC] and LIED TO [BTC] cause in the FNM WE DELIVER [CABLE AND WIRELESS]!!!! The Bahamian people’s 376 million dollar cash cow sold from the hands of BAHAMIANS back to the BRITISH! Something that wasn’t seen since the 1950s. [Photo below – Bahamians turned violent on Bay Street following the sale of the national telephone company to foreigners by the FNM! Better rates lower minutes! DA BIG DAMN RED LIE!


Nassau, BahamasRawson Square for but a moment this morning turned into Tienanmen Square as police began to cane protesters at the March on Parliament lead by members of the National Congress of Trade Unions (NCTU).

Union members marched to Bay Street in a demonstration against the sale of 51% of BTC to Cable and Wireless. Prominent union leaders, politicos, workers at the Corporation along with members of the public all gathered on Bay Street while Parliament convened its last sitting for the year.

An SIB officer sent to take photos of protesters.

Protesters by 10am lined along Bay shutting down traffic to the square. Police commandos were visible all over the town with some SIB officer evidently taking photos of persons in the crowds.

Shortly after 10am two bus loads of new recruit officers left police headquarters on East Hill Street under police outrider escorts.

Parliament convened with the PM and the DPM laying several amendments on the table of the House. As word got out that the crowd and police were in a clash, the Tommy Turnquest rose on the floor of the House quickly moving a motion suspended Parliament until January 19th.

Prime Minister The Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham was rushed out of the chamber, with ministers hauling and fleeing into their cars as crowds chant, “Hubert is a Coward!” Hubert Ingraham bust out laughing at the protesters as he left Parliament.

Member of the opposition led by PLP leader, Perry Christie, joined protesters in the Square and made statements with members of the media.

By 11AM union leaders began a rally in Rawson Square. BTC offices in the Bay Street area were closed for business.

Union leaders along with protestors sit in Rawson Square.
Police and protesters begin to fight for the barricades in the square. Angry citizens removed the barricade from the square forcing police reaction to cane protesters.
BTC Cyber World closed on Bay Street today.
Workers still on the easten side of Rawson Square.
Protesters on the western end of Rawson Square.


  1. Newsman you are causing me to vomit as your argument is so weak and skewed.You do not believe in democracy but do everyone a favour and read up on BTC being a cash cow that actually loaned the present Govt millions with no way of getting a return.I believe in all monopolies being done away with but shares must be sold to the general public to enable them to become empowered.PAPA is quoted as saying that to sell to any Bahamian means certain failure therefore he needs to resign and allow a foreign PM to replace him.In your case a brain transplant should suffice as you are the typical UNCLE TOM.

    • “Uncle Tom is a term for a black person who behaves in a subservient manner to white people” So unfortunately for you I can never be one of them in this lifetime because I AM A DAM HONKEY FOOL! I dont care what PAPA or MARBLE FACE says or any other ignorant backward fool, including yourself. You dumb people dont make me vomit though, you make me ROTFLMAO over how pathetic you can be. I almost wish they dont sell it now so you fools can be stuck with some crappy telco and 10 year old internet technology.

      • If I was PAPA i would sell BTC a nd the workers, Buy one half dead worker get 2 FREE, buy 3 get 1 dozen FREE. their labor contract is to unreal and they are ungrateful. This would stop them from using threats to be more greedy, and go home an listen to some golden oldies, and give the young people a chance to get a job. We all know that both parties used BTC and BEC and other govt entities over the years to employ their supporter. this shit have to stop. DOWN WITH THE FNM AND PLP.

        • plenty of us in the bahamas hurting and broke and dont have money for christmas or any other time .. we have no benefits, no insurance packages or anything .. just what we make from day to day .. and these losers want us to feel sorry for them because they are upset someone else will be incharge of a company where they WORK AND GETTING PAID a salary .. right okay then. They need to just crawl under a rock and really see how much we care ..

  2. If a monopoly should not exist, then open the market to competition. Selling a monopoly to a private entity only moves the monopoly from one hand to the other. With a private monopoly the Bahamian people will have even less power to change unfavourable rates and services than ever before. Giving (selling at rock bottom prices is ‘giving’ not selling) our telecommunications monopoly to a private entity IS 3rd world thinking because we are allowing a foreign entity to have power over one of our greatest income earner in the Bahamas. Its the same as when companies take the mineral or natural resources from a country. Look in Africa and other impoverished countries- foreigners have decimated their resources, taken all they could and then left the people penniless. When people say that BTC is the ‘diamond’ in the Bahamian economy, they speak truth. BTC is a multi-million dollar earning company. Its like selling our diamond mines to a foreigner and expecting them to sell us these same diamonds at cut-rate prices. It will never happen. They will rape BTC during that crucial 3 year monopoly and dog eat your lunch. A foreign entity is NOT our saviour. Lets solve our problems from within. Ask govt to reduce prices. Allow other companies to come in NOW and compete.

    • If $260 million is rock bottom then where are all the bids, all the people looking to come here and buy it, or the Bahamians buying it? That $260 million comes with major baggage, unruly and wutless staff that in most cases would cost a fortune to let go. I agree they should have allowed competition years ago, but the point is this is still a start in the right direction. Now that BTC will be modernized, with that 49% shares in the company and no money spent on running it, we should see an increase in funds not a loss, recall everything is taxed. And when the other companies come in here in 3 years, thats even more revenue for the government. We are a poor country, we cant have our cake and eat it too.

  3. people say hubert sell the bahamian people these right but what have btc done for us but given us high price and poor service i support selling it that way we can have lower price and better service, that mean more money in my pocket, but for real they have bad attitudes because government owned it now i say thats good for those lazy btc workers ya have to work now hahaha

  4. Why hand over a monopoly to a private entity? How stupid is that?
    Newsman, you and the FNM and all its current supporters have no respect or value for Bahamian labour. You think black Bahamians could not possibly have any sense or capability because you probably secretly doubt your own capabilities. Sure there are worthless workers at BTC, but they are everywhere, in the private and public sector, black and white, Bahamian and foreign. Therefore we cannot unilaterally reject workers because they are Bahamian and unconditionally accept workers because they are foreign. We have to evaluate the person on their own individual merits. Specifically, there are qualified engineers and technicians in BTC that has moved BTC to a higher level. The level of technology and engineering that currently resides in BTC is mind-boggling, and the fact that we have always had the staff and capacity to manage these complex systems should not be overlooked. We need to commend the majority of BTC workers who are constantly being trained on new technologies and then implement them to our advantage. We need to support our Bahamian professionals and not tear them down because of political or personal reasons. I commend the intelligent hardworking employees at BTC, BEC, Water & Sewerage and Bahamasair (I include all of these govt corporations because we blame the employees when really it is the tools and resources and govt decisions that limit these corporations from performing exceptionally, not the workers).

    • Nobody is HANDING anything over, its being SOLD. And I AM NOT A STUPID FNM! But the PLP also said they wish they had sold it so your argument is weak. A Monopoly SHOULD NOT EXIST, if you dont understand that then nothing I say will please you as I am against all third world backward thinking.

  5. They are a bunch of ungrateful pathetic individuals, they should be glad they even have a job, many dont. And BTC Service, Rates, and Technology sucks, it is years behind. Their techs have as much know how as a blind 2 legged potcake. Its about time that jokey entity was done away with and we get some modernization, either now or in 3 years when the monopoly will be no more. I dont care if the stupid FNM or the wutless PLP is responsible for it, BTC has to go, and they can take ZNS with them. Keep the Bahamas for Bahamians you say? Well without foreigners [AKA TOURISTS] there would be no current Bahamas – we would be living in the bush like dogs, much like most of Africa and closer to home, Haiti. The really sad thing is that these clowns think they are right in protesting, or for a better word, disrupting the Bahamian economy by walking off their cosey government job and obstructing traffic and threatening pedestrians – they are that dumb. To the gallows with the lot of them for the traitors they are!

  6. PM – Hubert was a sensible to flee – and he fled without any biggety laugh or talk.

    The people said enough is enough and I am only sorry that the march did not take place on a Saturday for the PM to see how people really feel.

  7. The protest today was not against the privitization of BTC, but against its sale to C&W. Right-thinking Bahamians would agree that Bahamians can properly run any company / corporation in the Bahamas; why weren’t Bahamians allowed to bid for BTC? The same goes for Emera with the Grand Bahama Power Co., why does a foreign company need to show how us how to use wind technology? The future of the Bahamas depends on our ability to look within for solutions to the problems that we face. You cannot lead the people of the Bahamas yet doubt their ability and competency. How many of us have attended universities with the World’s best and ran circles around them? Bahamians can do it.

  8. What a bunch of Criminal People, acting so silly in the Streets of Rawson Square. This is a time of year when we should focus on Family & Friends but we get in the Streets where not only Tourist, but our children are shopping to hold such utter mess.

    We are complaining daily, Oh BTC needs to do better becaues the Service is poor,but now that the problem is being fixed we have a problem with it. What will it take to please you people? I worked @ BTC for 9 years from 1990- 1999 and took my package, I met some of the people there that are in the streets today protessing, how long do you want to work there until death? Give your son & your grand-sons an opportunity, what you didnt save from them tell now you will NEVER save. Go home and listen to some Goldie Oldies. I say sell, sell, sell.

  9. Me being a Bahamain living in the USA for 17 years now.I am very disapointed with the reputation that the Bahamas developed.once ago people were proud to say i’m from the Bahamas because the way people use to represent our country with we have a triger happy nation of youngsters or people robbing the visitors and killing our own people. not carring if it’s your family or someone in your future.while the Leaders try to build a reputation for the wrong reasons and money.I say this to you leaders weather FNM or PLP you all need to stop putting Vanity over Humanity.before any of you sell the Bahamas you should restore it back to the way it use to be Law wise and job wise and give the people who live in the entire Bahamas the freedom and sense of security.those who on Death Row and we know they are 100% guilty make them Organ Donors seen that they took a life make them save a life. give the organ parts to someone who deserves to live.

  10. Joey tell Hubert go take back what he already gave away in the country! Don’t come here to take BTC from us Bahamians! We say to ALL THE UNION LEADERS WELLL DONE! WELL DONE!


  11. well put Joey…..come on Bahamians and wake up….what makes America a great country is they allow foreigners the opportunity to invest and this helps a country to move forward…BTC services stinks and keep in mind that Cable & Wireless revenue is more than our Bahamian budget so they dont need us…Im for better and cheaper services…if BTC has all this technology, then why wasnt it used when purchased(wasteful spending isnt it?)…if you’ve been on the job 30 years, then go home and make way for the younger generation who is going to school for the new technology…go home with your old and stale ideas.

  12. I agree with you 100% Tom.People if you like what you getting keep doing what you doing,if you want something different then we have to try something different.We want try a new something here in the Bahamas, and if it dont work we will take it back just like Belize did. For to long we in this country have been getting poor services and high prices for essential sevices from our governement just to keep hundreds of people employed, come work in the private sector with me where everyday you have to perform dont be scared come on ha,ha.

  13. The “LIONS OF THE HOUSE” can give the greetings via the various media networks and mama in the south can still get her greetings.
    As for the PM leaving the house so abruptly, I feel like that was a good security decision because he is the CEO of the Bahamas and his safety should be paramount. The protesters were hell bent on being disorderly and it would only destroy their cause if the PM stayed and some fool was to in someway put hand on him and the police have to act in a manner in which they must to protect the PM only to have union and opposition official put some kind of GESTAPO spin on it.
    The protesters must keep in mind that they are not above the law and any all actions has an equal and opposite reaction.I f the police put up barracades,its for a reason and one should stay within their prescribed area.

  14. These same people scared of privatization i.e. work in the PRIVATE SECTOR instead of GOVERNMENT and gats the GULL to call PM INGRAHAM a Coward. GET REAL….
    They just needed a valid (NOT) reason to do the foolishness they always do ( NUTTIN) all Day.
    They need to have their heads together and figure out how they can divise a subcontracting company that will handle some of the work that C & W will need when they pay them off with redundancy and still require the same work be done without employee benefits. EVANS and Carroll need to think and LEAD stop being led by mischief maker and scoundrels.

  15. Charles I know that we who believe as you do are in the majority. We permit those with opposing views to have their day so that they can revel to all the difference between them and us.

  16. Charles, Please Shut Your Ass up; Govt. Doing Shit Now, We Have Families To Take Care, And How we get the cauce of crime; we dont controll what is going to happen, but try to prevent so stop ya madness

  17. we ask why all the time is crime so high, we is the cause, we adults who believe we are above the law. when demos are called for march for hanging, and national day of prayers we are too busy hiding our crimminal children…we are far from a christian nation status, we are fakers of the first order, i support the govt. efforts to change the things that need changing, i also support the police,and their efforts to bring peace to our little country…..may god continue to have favor with us I pray

    • Also never in the history of this country Parliament has never ever suspended during the holidays without MPs/RIVALS leave the Parliament in such an abrupt fashion. NEVER IN THIS COUNTRY HAVE THE LIONS OF THE HOUSE not deliver BEST WISHES TO THE PEOPLE from the House.

      Hubert has broken a long tradition in the Bahamas, again. Mama in the southern Bahamas is still awaiting to hear from her MP greeting from Parliament wishing her a Merry Christmas and a Bight New Year.




        just drop them a TV message or an email Merry Christmas…..better still bring it! Ham turkey and the kids gifts dont sing it dem people down south and all over want substance not faking words……bring the MONEY OK

      • Man, I weak!!

        Media – Of all the things to be upset about and draw attention to “Hubert Ingraham broke tradition and did not wish the country Merry Christmas”!!

        Bun that!! Clearly it is not a Merry Christmas in the Bahamas. Crime up, unemployment numbers up and there is unrest with most government entities. I personally would have been insulted if he did wish the country Merry Christmas!!

        Obviously Papa is not in the christmas mood after seeing the multitude of people ready to jump him!!!

        Check him new years he say!! Bahamians gone mad. Bun tradition!!


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