PLP says Prime Minister Desperate and Delusional

YOUNG Eleutherans have collected to the PLP in the hundreds and are set to VOTE THE FNM OUT!

Statement Progressive Liberal Party
25 March 2012

Prime Minister Desperate and Delusional

The Prime Minister was at it again in Eleuthera last evening – distracting from his Party’s record of failure by spinning his special brand of venom and deceit, and attempting to convince the Bahamian people that this election is about everything but them. The fact is that the FNM has failed Eleutherans just as they have failed the entire Bahamas in their stewardship of our economy. The Cotton Bay development is but one Bahamian owned resort development which stands as a casualty of the Ingraham’s Government ineptitude.

All the many last minute vain promises by a desperate FNM whose last five years delivered very little for Bahamians, amount to nothing in the face of burgeoning debt and failed policies.

This election is about big things for the Bahamian people, which Hubert Ingraham and the FNM do not believe in and have flatly rejected. The PLP is committed to doubling the nation’s investment in education and training to prepare our children for long term 21st century jobs.

The PLP proposes 21st century class rooms to expose our students to the latest technologies; we propose career path academies and technology centers to prepare them for a dynamic and competitive market place and our workers need training and retraining to remain relevant and competitive. Please visit for more details.

These initiatives in addition to others require a commitment to doubling the Nation’s investment in education and training but the FNM continues to stubbornly oppose this commitment to our children’s future. However, the Prime Minister has no difficulty in casually asking Parliament for approval to borrow almost $100 million to pay for a botched road works projects.

The cost overruns alone on this project due mainly to FNM incompetence could potentially equal one tenth of the government’s annual budget, but when there is a national conversation about big things – like making a major investment in our country’s future, the Prime Minister would obfuscate, kick up dust and spin a web of deceit because he is not committed to putting Bahamians first.

The PLP encourages Bahamians to compare the fiscal record of the FNM to that of the PLP. This present FNM administration has overseen the escalation of unemployment to where some 43,000 Bahamians are without meaningful work, and has almost doubled our National debt in less than 5 years, with nothing to show. In contrast, the Christie administration created over 22,000 jobs for Bahamians, made an additional $25 million dollars available to Bahamian entrepreneurs through the BDB, as well as allocated millions for the creation of the Bahamian Venture Capital Fund and the Domestic Investment Board.

Family Islanders should also recall that the PLP under the leadership of the Rt. Hon Perry Christie commissioned 10 Reverse Osmosis plants and installed emergency solar lights on the runways over 20 airports nationwide.

The PLP has a combination of a new generation of candidates and experience to get to work for the Bahamian people on day one to keep our people safe, restore our economy and secure our future.

Finally, in reverence to and in observance of the Christian holy days to mark the death and resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the PLP advises the general public that it will cease all political activities during Holy Week.