Ingraham Fires Carl Bethel for a second time


Carl Bethel-FIRED

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news now coming into Bahamas Press confirm Hubert Ingraham following a bustup with chairman of the FNM has taken over the Elizabeth campaign.

Bahamas Press has learned Ingraham in a heated exchange with Carl Bethel told him to get out of the room following falling poll numbers in the constituency. BP’s deep throat in the room said Ingraham could be heard cussing to the top of his voice and screaming at Bethel as he fired him from running the campaign.

The heated exchange came after a rocking bombshell by BP confirming FNM candidate Duane Sands has legal status in the United States. Sands in response also confirmed the status of his child as an American.

Information coming into BP confirm Sands was issued a green card, which offers him all the rights and privileges as an American. Further information also question his eligibility as a candidate as he had made requests for his status in the US.

Bahamas Press has discovered Sands as a Green Card holder must declare information annually to the US government.

BP now asks,  is Duane Sands compliant with his US tax filing obligations and obligation to pay US income taxes because of the green card?” Sands is a candidate who is not telling the Bahamian people all and we know about his American status. Bahamas Press awaits the answer and shall fill in the blanks where necessary..Stay tuned.

Meanwhile BP sources on the ground confirms desperation is setting in the FNM campaign and reports are they are now aborting their mission to fly in voters. BP don’t believe that for one minute. Plans we also understand are now underway by FNM Cabinet Ministers [Tommy and Dion] to offer voters plane tickets to fly out of the country on Monday before the bye-election and not vote. WHAT DESPERATION! BP is monitoring the situation.


  1. BP, I think that you are right.. HI must have taken over from Carl Bethel because even today as I went to and from work out east, men were putting up posters of Duane Sands and Large Signs with HI on them… I then knew that what I have said on this site at the beginning of this campaign that this election is not about anyone else accept HI!! HI is using this by-election to determine if he stays and carries the FNM into the next election or not! If HI loses in Elizabeth (it seems as if he is running and not Sands), he will not lead the FNM into the next general election!! This election is ALL about HI’s leadership or lack thereof over the past 2+ years as its PM and that’s it.. He did his best to find the best candidate to make it possible for him to get a win in Elizabeth so if he loses this by-election, it will be clear to him that not only Elizabeth doesn’t want him but the whole country is tired of his foolish style of governing!! The FNM is finished whether FNMs want to hear it or not!! Too many families have been hurt by this govt whether directly or indirectly…

  2. @ futureleader – you sound like Millie.. May Mille RIP.. I hope that you will be OK on Tuesday night.. lol..

    • I am finally glad you see the light BP. Having a green card doesnt give on full rights equal to that of a citizen.

  3. So ppl are knocking down signs of papa all about in lizzy.
    I wish I could post some pics I just took of signs that has been knocked down.
    Signs and posters of papa,0n the groud. HAHAHA the ppl want him GONE.

    As for carl bethel das good for him. He is such a (female anatomy).
    He need to stop lettin that gorilla trample all over him.
    What kind of role model and example he is and setting for his sons.

  4. Media: I am a student in the U.K. and I was just wondering about the whole public disclosure issue because I took a copy of what the PM said at the FNM rally the other night and a copy of the Public Disclosure Act to my Administrative Law lecturer (who has a PHD in law by the way) and he said the that the Attorney General could have and should have initiated charges against him. I personally thought that callous apology made by the PM was a bunch of crap. First of all, this omission by the PM and any other MP (PLP or FNM) is entrenched in statute law an offence according to Section 4 (1) of the Public Disclosure Act. Additionally, failure to comply with this act according to section 13(1) of the Public Disclosure Act is an offence that is punishable by a fine not exceeding $10,000 and/or a prison term not exceeding two years combined with forfeiture of the offender’s property within the country after a Fiat of the Attorney General has been issued upon such findings.
    My First question is: Why didn’t the Attorney General issue a Fiat upon his finding (and I am sure he was at the rally when that stupid declaration was made) that the PM had committed this offence and fine any other MP who is guilty of the same breach that he is duty bound to do as the Attorney General?
    My Second question is: Why would FNM supporters display such idiocy stupidly cheer and applaud this brazen admission of breaking the law, particularly at a time where the level of crime is a major concern?
    All I could say is that we are not serious in the Bahamas because in the U.K. several MP’s were made to pay back in excess of a million pounds for false declarations and about six of seven were prosecuted for fraud. I thought about that and said to someone that “it would be a hot day in Antarctica before something like that happens in my country”. This is exactly why students don’t want to come home because when they sensibly analyze the state of affairs and current leadership (in particular the deportment and poor elocution of the PM) in the Bahamas, it makes no sense to return.

  5. Oh NCL and how interesting it is to know you also have concerns about that same story. You know we just advised Peter Carey to not come on here [FACEBOOK] and telling us about lies and we will be bold enough and school him about FRAUD! ELECTION FRAUD TO SAY THE LEAST!

    This is Bahamas Press NOT the WUTLESS MEDIA ya talking to now.

    But it is interesting to note you both are concern about that particular story! When I read these quotes back on Wednesday I don’t know what yinner ga do.


    • BP, you have a way with lies even…. you now have told some of the biggest lies of the century .. the public and retract… BUT any how, on this blessed Sunday morning, you woke up and tell a lie on PM and Carl… you should just retract this one.. just so that you can have some image in the world wide web.. as of now you have none..

  6. Well N C L when all hope is lost and gone for BP at least you and a few others will be here to tell us the room is empty hey?

    Remember, We report YOU DECIDE!


  7. BP has now last all value it never had… when they have nothing to report.. they sit and make up stories… wow, how desperate… Carl is wholly in charge of the Lizzie victory campaign.. HI is pleased with the numbers coming into FNM central command… BP, get a life.. and go and tell the world the truth.. the only deep throat that you have is the cut ass that you and the PLP will get on Febb 16, It sure een long now… Ingraham and Sands – Trust…Now eat ya heart out BP..NO ONE BELIEVES a shit you writ now.. not carefully how you back tracking on the story about those 174 people coming to vote.. what a shame.. but you do not have any, you just mad as hell cause you lost all of your creditability .. come to think of it.. you een never had none…

  8. US Green card holder, US Passport holder, does not matter to me.  Both men are qualified to run for Elizabeth, so we should let that rest.  BUT on Tuesday, February 16, 2010, ” WE  TRYIN’  RYAN”  FULL STOP.  After election day, the FNM will still be the Government (even though I wish this was a general election so that we could vote their wutless a***s out!) but we will have a fresh, young, decent and respectable member of parliment for Elizabeth in the House.   R-Y-A-N    P-I-N-D-E-R!

  9. Dual citizenship nor green has anything to do with who will win Elizabeth. The election will be held on Tuesday. Sands believes his chance of winning would have been better if the election was held on a “Friday”” Hmmm…..go figure!!!!

  10. @ media…. My point is that the good brother was schooled abroad but that he remain in his other country.

    Dr. Sands, like those other good gentlemen you named, came back to their ONLY country to contribute to national development.

    They didn’t wait, like Ryan Pinder did until his employers wanted to set up a firm here for him to operate.

    Come on let’s be fair….
    I really didn’t want to get in the ” ra-ra, with with this but you are being most unfair and deliberately dishonest with your reporting.

    • Duane is 47 and Ryan is 35. Can you please tell us Krossova who took long before the decided to come home and serve the people of the Bahamas? Ryan or Sands?

      Bahamas Press/Editor

    • Duane is 47 and Ryan is 35. Can you please tell us Krossova who took long before the decided to come home and serve the people of the Bahamas? Ryan or Sands?

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  11. BP;

    Ryan Pinder american citizen or not???? While you reporting on Dr. Sands, let report on Ryan also.

    • Ryan Pinder has a US Passport and BP is trying to make an issue out of Dr. Sands’ green card!!  This is one big joke.  And I am a “blind political supporter”. 

  12. It cannot be taken seriously but it is amazing to know you keep reading! No wonder your such a blind political supporter. Hubert could kick you as far under the rubble of Haiti today and you keep coming back with ya dutty red t-shirt.


  13. @ Krossova, I’ve been reading the stories on this site long enough to know that nothing BP writes can be taken seriously by anyone with an once of brain.  This whole green card thing is utter nonsense.  Bahamian doctors who specialized in the US have green cards.  It has nothing to do with citizenship or allegence. I can’t wait for the BOMBSHELL tomorrow.  I have no doubt it will be anti-climatic!

  14. Well Duane Sands was also school abroad. So was Pindling, Hanna, Cecil and Orville. So where is the beef there? We simply say, why didn’t Sands reveal these details to the public in LIZZY? Bahamas Press has more to tell just stay tuned.


  15. @ eagle, I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath for a bombshell, conchshell or eggshell from BP on this matter.

    I am sick of BP and this nonsense he insist on pushing..

    If you want to be true to your readership, let’s report and blog about the dual citizenship and whether it was really renounced.

    It’s no secret that BP endorsed Ryan who was schooled abroad and remain there contributing to his other country until recently.

    While all of the other candidates was here in the only place the can call home, making their various contributions to The Bahamas.

    I think, it’s issues like that among other pertinent matters important to them, the people of Elizabeth should be concern about.

    Not no damn story about Green Card that is yet to be substantiated by the propagandist….

  16. BP, why fire Carl now when the election is a few days away? It wont make much difference.  Furthermore, when did they realize that Dr sands was behind? Everyone knows that he is behind and has been so for several weeks.

    If waht you say is true, HAI, imo, did it to clear himself. He did it to show the FNM establishment that he had nothing to do with the running of Dr Sands failed campaign. One thing people must realize about HAI, when the ship starts to sink, he is the first one off the boat. When crap hits the fan, he makes sure people know that he had nothing to do with it. He did it in 2002 and he is doing it now and preparing to do it right before the next general election.

    Again BP, a green card does not give one full rights and privileges in the US. only citizenship can. I have family members that have green cards and trust me, if they could have voted in the US elections in 2008 they would have! Now if you have information suggesting that he is a naturalized citizen, then thats another story. But him having a green card is not a big deal. Many Bahamians do!

  17. What is incredible here Eagle is that you don’t know what we know. Sands is not just a holder of an American Green Card but there is more. Why has he not denied the fact that he is a holder? Bahamas Press has more to announce tomorrow in our exclusive Sunday Editorial.


  18. This is nonsense.  Having a US Green Card has absolutely no implications in this election.  Having a Green Card, as you have indicated in a previous article, is not the same as citizenship.  Bahamian professionals who have worked in the US are likely to have Green Cards.  BP is trying desperately to make an issue out of a complete non-issue.

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