Duane Sands should remeber what Hubert Ingraham did to his father


Bahamas Press Sunday Special…


<<< Mr. Basil Sands father of Duane Sands once put on the stand of the Commission of Inquiry ordered by a vicious Hubert Ingraham as he attempted to sully the Basil progressive record at Bahamasair.

Nassau, Bahamas — If the Free National Movement examined its candidate more closely they would know that his status as a noted heart surgeon would not be enough to take him across the finish line to win the Elizabeth by-election. And yes, Hubert Ingraham masterminded the whole deal; a plot to take out Perry Christie. However, plans will fail come this Tuesday and will backfire on him.

You see Ingraham is an interesting character and a flash back to his record will tell you just what kind a man Duane Sands is dealing with.

With open arms and dancing with great anticipation of victory Hubert Ingraham was welcomed into the FNM. Those hard workers of freedom, the Cecilites in particular, laboured and suffered under Pindling’s rule for two decades in opposition politics. They could barely smell the scent of power before Ingraham gutted them out of their own Party.

Flash forward and now take a look at Malcolm Adderley, the man who according to Ingraham “Cash In” on his Lizzy seat. Ingraham then turned on him almost cussing him out as the worst MP in the history of the Bahamas. Ingraham could be heard all across national radio telling the public what a WUTLESS representative Adderley was. Adderley is not the latest victim of Ingraham, Duane Sands is.

If you ask us we will tell you Sands will become Ingraham’s latest political hack and here’s why.

Your BP has scurried the pages of Bahamian history and in them we’ve found an extremely interesting story connecting Sands. The year was 1994 some 16 years ago. Ingraham you would remember decided the best way to wash the record of Pindling away as he dragged him into disdain and disgrace making him a national spectacle.

Ingraham brought in foreigners to preside over the public lynching of Pindling. You would remember Pindling was the one who brought Ingraham into politics. Ingraham ordered a Commission of Inquiry and decided to disgrace his mentor in front of the public. In that lineup of men at the Commission was a man named, Basil Sands, you guessed it the father of Dr. Duane Sands.

The same way in which Pindling was viciously attacked so was Basil. Readers would remember Basil via his accounting firm Parnell were the external auditors for Bahamasair one of the Corporations under examination by the Commission. Who remembers how Ingraham caused those prosecutors to malign the name Basil as they poked him as something opposite to being decent and graceful? To this day, some Bahamians since that trial still see Basil as something he was not.

This page in our sordid past presents Ingraham’s record and this forces BP to ask some serious questions. Why would Duane Sands drop his doctor’s kit and run behind Papa? Why would he leave his medical practise to follow someone who brutally attacked and attempted to destroy his own father? Does this sounds like someone as having a “Steady Head?

Hubert Ingraham could drag your own daddy through the streets of the Bahamas; taking away all his livelihood, stripping him ball naked in the streets of this country. Yet still as son of that same father, Duane Sands has the gumption to  join the Robert Mugabe of The Bahamas on the same stage. Hmmmmmm! It is no wonder Basil Sands and his wife are both invisible in their son’s campaign.

Perhaps Duane was too young to know what Hubert Ingraham did to his father. Perhaps his days working in the US at the John Hopkins Medical Centre kept him out of the know. Perhaps he is innocent and doesn’t know any better. But we will add here no Prophet, Priest or KING will disrespect our ‘PAH’ and not receive our revenge.

Duane Sands should revenge the mistrust delivered to his father by Ingraham and show that man who likens himself as PAPA what a free thinker he is. If you can’t fight for your own daddy how in the hell you ga find the balls fight for Lizzy?


From black  hat to back hat we don’t know what kinda Obeah Hubert using these days but whatever kind he using today it sure worked on Duane Sands. A photos of Hubert Ingraham, Duane Sands and Carl Bethel. [Photo courtesy of www.freenationalmovement.cog]


  1. WELL ALL OF YAWL are gonna remember this very post ok.


    All my brethren and sistren in support say ‘I’

  2. BOY NCL I ga be right next to you on Ash Wednesday morning in the cathedral. I ga help father put the ash on ya, DUST THOU ART AND TO DUST SHALL THOU RETURN!



  3. OK, I’ll say it again, I believe that the country is screwed under FNM and PLP.
    But I do find it funny that the people who run this website, (to take a quote from Bradley Roberts) were political hoars for Ryan Pinder and the PLP, during this campaign, and now close to the election, apparently see the writing on the wall, and are now throwing up all sort of things to help their party. Is just waaaaay toooo funny.
    OK. It’s not that funny…. No I lied. It is
    Don’t feel bad, Mr. Bahamas Press, Ryan could still pull it out, really he can?

    • Actually this story has nothing to do with Lizzie, all it is is that BP is seeg the PLP loose this election right before his eyes.. and he is coming up with all kind of Hail Mary passaes.. and nothing is working for hi nor the PLP.. Poor BP..

      • You must  be God, to so boldly predict the future! And while on the subject of Commissions of Inquiry, you should warn HAI and Dr.Duane Sands that the direct conflict of interest which the Bahamian people allowed Ingraham’s former sweetie, Dr Ronnie Knowles, in  milking the  public purse by setting rates as Min. of Health for  kidney patients, the majority of whom  were directed to his personal treatment fascility,  will not happen again in The Bahamas, without televised  Commission hearings, followed by lengthy jail terms served by the guilty thieves! 

        • Phillipa Rusell.. talking fool once more… I thought you were in Cali never to return to the Bahamas no more… what happen why you back ?

          And guess what we were doing so much better before you return…

          Now what you have with Ronnie and HI.. they did not give ya none  ?..

        • Hey there Don of the Gay Illuminati! 
          Nope, would not have slept with HI while you were busy selling your wife and “special” child to him for kinky romps!
          Nor could I ever beat Ronnie out as first choice for late night dives Oooops, I meant drives!

  4. O WELL, word coming out of the FNM camp tonight is that BP has finally sight his own discontent with HI… speaking about commission of Inquiry – well you cannot blam HI.. if you sell it and get 10% etc.. that een ya money so let the public know.. Ah well, BP is at his last strew…

  5. My brother, Johnson, labelling me does nothing to help your cause.  The 1994 Inquiry was absolutely warranted.  It uncovered a lot of dirt that went on in the Pindling regime.  The only shortcoming was that nobody was prosecuted. but it went a long way to setting standards and reminding our public servants that they are accountable to the people…what you do in darkness will eventually come to light.

    • Since you mention the report then remember that many FNM lawyers were involved in one shot deals with purported drug traffickers.So dont go there as none were faultless.Its PLP time so you better dont go there b4 I put some knowledge in your head.

  6. Just listen to the two apologists who apparently have been drop kicked by PAPA and bcos they see nothing wrong with the behaviour of this despot of a Leader.Quite a lot was wrong with what PAPA did back then and no excuses will suffice.Any father will support his son regardless of his political persuasion.Admit it PAPA is a brutal person and only a 2 to 1 defeat in Lizzy will bring him down to earth.

  7. “Lame” is far too kind.  But there  is really no surprise here.  Just as I thought.  Lone jokes!!

  8. LAME!!! Very lame BP.
    Every Public Servant knows they may be called upon to account for their stewardship.

    If their is reason for concern, the government, in the best interest of the country may convene a public inquiry where persons may be called upon to answer questions…

    I think this is a good thing when properly used.

    Maybe the good Doctor knows that his father Mr. Basil Sands, who is very supportive of his bid in Elizabeth, was only doing what was required of him as a Public Officer.

    So let’s be careful here, not to give your impressionable readers the impression that if a person is called upon to account, he or she is being dragged naked through the streets for all to see. laughable!!!

    Many many persons who are engaged by the state or with any of the state’s agencies are happy to publicly account, I believe Mr. Basil Sands was one of them…
    Persons who did nothing wrong are eager to

    • krossova, you’ll got to stop dis shit man, well we need a dem inquiry into why Papa aint disclosed for all of those years!!!!!!

      • If you don’t remember the Commission of Inquiry, then you need to do some research. Fact is, Basil Sands testified but was not “dragged through the streets” or in any way implicated in wrong doings.  This BOMBSHELL was created in the mind of BP.  If another Inquiry is warranted, then I say, lets have one.  Did you not notice that not one single comment was made by the PLP on Ingraham’s failure to disclose.  Don’t you find that curious?

        • I have raised the issue of our politicians failure to disclose on numerous occasions, only to learn that too many were guilty for any side to address the issue.  Also, none seemed to be clear on what the penalty was for this infraction nor who would dare attempt  to “bell the cat” by attempting to administer the proscribed penalty! In other words no one wished to be fired by dictator, Hubert Ingraham!

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