Hubert Ingraham has done this to us!


Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham - Prime Minister

Hubert Ingraham/ Prime Minister of The Bahamas

Nassau, The Bahamas: Bahamians around The Islands of The Bahamas are wondering and hoping things will quickly change for the better in this country. Gas prices on the Family Islands are still high and food prices have reached unbearable levels. A 36oz bottle of ketchup in City Meat Food Store in Cable Beach is beyond seven dollars. It is so bad that one cashier told Bahamas Press, “I cannot shop here anymore.”

The state of the Bahamian economy was a discussion between some ivy leaguers over the weekend. In that discussion one could not forget a comment made by, a now unemployed former student of Princeton University, who simply said, “Hubert Ingraham started all this.”

Bahamas Press
became locked into that statement with deep thought, and could not help but conclude, that the gentleman was right. Hubert Ingraham must take the blame for jumpstarting the economic collapse now seen across The Bahamas.

It was no one but Ingraham who began the stop, cancel and review policy when his administration took office on May 3nd, 2007. Hubert Ingraham first cancelled over 90 million dollars in capital developments. Those would have been school, roads, government building, landscape works, putting out of work scores of PLP and FNM construction workers, masons, plumbers, painters, electricians and carpenters just by the stroke of his pen.

And if that was not enough for Hubert Ingraham’s mass destruction programme on the Bahamian economy, he then looked to firing over 1,200 workers in the public service. Now this was the first tragic move that directly attacked struggling mothers and fathers who were the single breadwinners of their homes. Who remembers how that assault was so “ingenious” that the Ingraham government also let go a crippled, single mother with two children?

And if the Ingraham government’s model of firing government workers was not enough, the pattern and trends of Hubert Ingraham’s massacre on the working poor in the country continued. It was then Bacardi leaving and workers fired. Morton Salt downsized and workers fired. Shipping companies started firing workers with no compensation. ColinaImperial began firing and Baha Mar continued dismissing workers. Atlantis has announced that they will be closing its towers and yes like everywhere else, they too have shed staff with greater fears that, hundreds of others will be dismissed in the coming months.

Sighting that was not enough, Hubert Ingraham decided to take his cancel, stop, review policy directly to the international investor. And with the authority given to him on May 2, he stopped every investment Christie slated for The Bahamas – ALL 20 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH! From Ginn in the north, to Baha Mar in the central to the Rum Cay Development on Rum Cay to the I-Group Development in MICHAL, Hubert stopped them all! His stalling and reviewing of agreements put them all in jeopardy. All now with little capital sources and declined land sales, the projects cannot continue. Today all those investments are moving at a snail’s pace many not knowing how to proceed.

But here is the kicker. Hubert still believed stopping the tax exemption for new homebuyers was not enough and so he decided that taxi drivers also will not have exemption on their new vehicles imported in the country. Hubert decided against construction on a new Straw Market and if that was not enough to hurt Bahamians, young and old, he levied the LARGEST TAX INCREASE ON THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE, RAISING TAXES ON OVER 160,000 items in his 2008/9 Budget. And this began a further downward spiral of the Bahamian economy, where companies like Price Busters closed 13 of its 14 stores, thanks to Hubert Ingraham.

And now Hubert Ingraham has lifted his wip over the people once again, and this time, the WUTLESS MEDIA lay silent. Quiet and one believes dead, on all this – suggesting not a word to their few readers of this country. But they are not alone in this, so is Perry Christie and his Progressive Liberal Party silent, being found somewhere deep in the pocket of a Hubert Ingraham, leaving union leaders like BCPOU’s President Robert Farquarson and others rallying the cause of the people of The Bahamas.

And so whilst Hubert Ingraham looks to sell profitable assets like BTC and there again threaten to fire hundred of workers in the process, it is likely some will put a stop to this OBEAH WORKING MONSTER named HUBERT INAGRHAM who has stolen the joys of progress and plenty from a once successful country. Too many Bahamians are having nightmares and wondering where is the next meal or income coming from. Too many Bahamians are waking up day after day deciding whether to buy milk or gas. Too many Bahamians are waking up hollering and screaming in the middle of the night and when awaken, hopes to believing their sudden misfortunes is a bad dream. ALL TO FIND OUT YES IT IS TRUE THEY ARE UNEMPLOYED AND HUBERT INGRAHAM IS STILL PRIME MINISTER.

Bahamians cannot take it anymore, and yes the now unemployed Princeton graduate was right when he said, “Hubert Ingraham started all this!”


  1. Agreed Coleby. If we can only convince some of the visitors of this blog who REFUSED to let blame lay where it should.

    As far as I am concerned, the captain of the ship is the captain of the ship. If the ship is off course we can only blame the captain.

  2. Drama King, the International Monetary Fund substantiated the figures I presented. That organization has no axe to grind and would not favor any government (PLP or FNM). Also, some of these figures were presented by the FNM in their budget communication; the FNM would not boost the figures (between 2002-2007)to make the PLP and PGC look good so the figures are credible.

    I concur with you that the Prime Minister is responsible for the poor state of the economy. The government is the legal guardian of market efficiency and has the constitutional and moral responsibility to jump start the economy. See Drama King, wealth distribution and economic stimulus packages are a function of tax policies and only the government can legislate tax policies, not the private sector. In the end, the buck stops with the head of the government, the Prime Minister, make no mistake about it.

    The FNM

  3. Elcott this truly is a lot of info and figures. The thing is cant each government boost up figures to suit themselves and put it out there in the media so we, the public, can think all is well?

    If the Prime Minister, who I assume is still the decision maker in this land, is not responsible for the poor state of the economy, then someone please tell me who is?

  4. I guess BP was right, all kinds of interesting people are on this site. Elcott Coleby, didn’t you run for PLP chairman earlier this year?

  5. Joe Blow, forget for a moment the amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) that were in the pipeline and just talk about the amount of foreign capital that were “in the ground” so to speak and its effect on the Bahamian economy.

    Between 1992 and 2002, the FNM government attracted $1,604 billion in FDI and the PLP government attracted $2,541 billion in just 5 years (almost twice as much investment in half the time). Government revenue exceeded $1.0 billion and tourism revenue exceeded $2.0 billion all for the first time during the governance of the PLP. Foreign exchange reserves averaged around $600 million and unemployment was reduced from 10.8% to 6.7%, all in the face of 3 catergory 5 hurricances named Jeane, Francis, and Wilma. More than 500 business licenses were approved in that short period of time which demonstrated the level of confidence Bahamian entrepreneurs reposed in the Bahamian economy and the policies of PGC. Household income increased from $38,000 to over $43,000 during this same period. Another point I like to make is that performance of BISX. Between 2004 and 2006 the return on investment was 17%, 26%, and 34% respectively; BISX outperformed the NYSE and that was amazing. These achievements were made while the US economy was stagnant with over 3.5 million americans losing their jobs in Bush’s first term. Whether PGC was weak, indecisive, or however the FNM propaganda machinery chose to characterize him, the results of his leadership are undeniable. Now compare those results to the present state of affairs under the “strong”, “decisive”, and “proven” leadership of HAI. Do not blame this present condition on the US economy because the US economy was stagnant during the governance of the PLP.

    When the FNM came to office, before “hitting they hit the first lick”, they proclaimed $25 million in budgetary surpluses. This projection was made based on what PGC and the PLP had done. This has all disappeared and we are now saddled with $250 million in additional taxes per year. This translates into a whopping $1.0 billion on the backs of the middle class, the working class, and the poor if it is not repealed in part or in whole during this term in office.

    On the social front, the murder rate was reduced to 48 in 2005 and Urban Renewal was instrumental in reducing this statistic. FACTS ARE STUBBORN.

    Joe Blow, explain how this economic performance was bad for the Bahamas and how was PGC bad for the Bahamas? I have challenged FNM’s over and over to explain this and none has been able to give an intelligent answer. If you argue that the FNM has a better PR and propaganda machinery, you get no argument from me: for whatever reason, the PLP never sold PGC and its record; they sat by and allowed the FNM to define PGC and the PLP to their detriment. But on the issue of governance, the FNM could never come close to governing this at the level of the PLP because they lack the philosophical grounding; the FNM simply panders to special and use propaganda to do the rest. The lastest budget is the clearest example of this. The FNM gave the richest 2% $131 million in tax breaks and secretly saddled everybody else with $250 million in new taxes. HAI then told the country that the budget was a “poor man’s budget”. He misled parliament and the Bahamian people and used propaganda to convince the masses that he was actually helping them. That is not governance Joe Blow.

  6. Sometimes when I read these comments ‘Joe Blow’ I ask myself, if we at Bahamas Press have landed on the moon talking to some strange people who make poll numbers for the media in the US.

    So you don’t agree Hubert Ingraham is to blame? hmmm! Ok let paraphrase what you are really saying. Hubert saw traffic began to stall on the left side of single lane, and so he decided to slow down the car (The Bahamas) and begin driving on the opposite side of the road and begin speeding again overtaking cars whilst a HUGE TRAILER with the words RECESSION on it was traveling head on. AND NOW YOU SEE WHAT HUBERT HAS DONE TO THE BAHAMAS, TURNED The Bahamas -that car — INTO A WREAK in less than one year.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  7. Can’t believe anyone can put the total blame on HAI. All these billions that were on stream were only PR (and PLP) dreams. Firstly, the country could not afford to build all the infrastructure that would be necessary. Secondly, despite all the talk to the contrary, we do not have enough workers to carry out the projects to say nothing of the lack of skills that we certainly have not bothered to acquire.
    PGC is a talker, not a doer. He had ample time to get these (possibly non-existant) projects off the ground but he could never get around to execute the paperwork. Talk is cheap and if you talk enough people begin to close their ears to you and your ideas. Stop Cancel and Review! What a catch phrase. Hubert is a wise man and no doubt saw what was happening with the western world economy. He would not have stopped any project if it was worthwhile and do-able. I for one commend him for his review of the pie-in -the -sky-nonsense. We will weather the economic storm once again but I will predict that many of you will ride high when things get better and not think about the rainy weather that will happen again in the future.That’s the Bahamian way!

  8. I am concerned as to how can a reporter (now involved with a former minister of the PLP Cabinet) can report on a report done for the PLP saying why we lost the election. And yet the leadership of the PLP cannot find the time nor the interest to tell some 51% (who voted against Ingraham) of the people of The Bahamas how and why we LOST THE ELECTION?

    Here Again is a serious example as to why members of the PLP will regret Christie is in charge of the party. I AGREE WITH BP SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS INGRAHAM AND CHRISTIE CONNECTION! Here is clear breach of the party’s trust and whoever leaked the party’s report should be immediately expelled from the party. What is AMAZING BP is this, the report is not even on the PLP website for PLPs to read, but them RAGGY newspapers can get it?

    You mean to tell us das how the PLP does treat us the supporters now?



    PS: BP try get this report here, before I start saying you wutless just like the PLP.

  9. This is a very serious post. And, it shows how upset people are with our current situation

  10. To make it clear there is no master plan guys …are we all stuck in a cycle that is not real or what. I agree with this article 1000% The Prime Minister is to blame for the situation in this country today..Let’s take a look at it as the article said it was this Prime Minister’s lack of judgement and foolish bacwater tactics when he was returned to office that caused the economy to take a nosedive and it was him that stood up in parliament and denounced Harras Entertainment there by putting a wrench in The Bahamar deal .

    Folkes this FNM administration came to office with no plans they have failed the Bahamian people and they will continue to fail.The best budget ever is now being seen as the worst budget ever and that grocery and inflation is skyrocketing on a daily pace….and we can say that it was not Hubert it was him he is the head of this government and he is to blame and I will even say that what Hubert Ingrahm has done to this country in 18 months is nothing short of treason and for that reason the entire FNM government should “if we had it” be impeached.

    We can talk until we are blue in the face we can make up all the reasons in the whole world but the truth is the truth the blame for the econmic downturn in this country lay at the feet of HUBERT INGRAHM and nobody else.

    Iam not just a PLP crazy person I call it as I see it when the IMF and other reports came out saying that for the first time in our history because off the investments that was in the pipeline the Bahamain econmy will be pegged at about 3% growth and the American econmoy will be slowing down this would off be the first time that the Bahamas economy would off not been affected by the slow down in the United States …The very first time instead we have a downturn in our tourist arrivals why we can look at the T.V ads everyone is going to Barabados or Trinadad or even Jamaica where is the Bahamas it is no where to be mentioned on T.V or in The Movies .
    Folkes I know that all of us have to live here and bare this but we must leran in this country to lay the blame at the right doorstep and the balme lays at the feet of Hubert Ingrahm pure and simple

  11. Now Morehands….why you dragging the wife spa in this…lol…

    Seriously though…I would say this to you Morehands…I believe the master plan will come when its almost election time. Its typical of our politics … think about it.

  12. LOL! LOL! LOL! hey ‘Morehands’ go take your pills. Bipolar can be tragic.


    Bahamas Press/ EDitor

  13. Spin! What spin?? Are you going crazy or something? Lighten up dude!! I only made an agreeing positive contribution. Where the devil did “WE can careless” come from? Who is we? Or is it “I am Legion, for WE ARE MANY”?

    You are the moderator of this site – don’t forget it. Whenever you no longer want to receive a posting from the above just secretively cancel our access then when no more postings come from us you can brag about how you chase us off BP and feel oh so good about yourself whenever you look in the mirror. Other commentors seem to be right – you are losing it man. Like you arrogantly say and I offer the same advice to you, “If you can’t take the heat on BP get your @#*% out this site”.

    Go visit Drama’s wife spa or something, Dude. It works wonders.
    …LOL at that.

  14. We can careless what ‘MOREHANDS/MENTAL CASE’ you guys spin on this. That point is simple and straight, HUBERT INGRAHAM has created and caused to deepen the financial problem the Bahamas finds itself in today.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  15. Don’t crush his effort Mental. I thought it was a good over all summary of the state of the economy (barring all the blame on HAI and PGC). All we need to follow is for us to begin dialogue on how we can jump start the Bahamas and perhaps redirect our primary focus off tourism and importations. Realistically HAI isn’t going anywhere for the next 5 years, the PLP isn’t anywhere near ready before that and forming a coup to overthrow the government is absolutely out of the question for us. So all we have left is to look for solution.

    All I do is pray that somewhere in all this mess there is some master plan being implemented behind the scene to elevate the Bahamian people to a status never seen before and it is only just that I have not seen the pieces working into place yet. For example, conspiracy theorists have said that America has pushed the cost of fuel up to shift the money and power away from the oil dealers and move it back to America who will introduce in short order a new form of quantum energy to elevate itself back to the super-power it once was.

    Its far fetched conspiracy but could there be such a master plan brewing in the Bahamas? Only time, togetherness and a whole lot of prayers will tell.

  16. you’re joking right?
    the economy is bad and HAI is to blame?
    c’mon BP don’t waste my time. print something salacious and libelous man! that’s what I look to you for.
    not this lightweight dime store editorial tripe.
    where is the vigor, the hate speech, the animosity tied to specious argument?
    oh boy! are you starting to fall off too?
    oh well. I suppose you tried.

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