Police Suspect Finally Questioned And Detained!




Harl Taylor’s mother Beverley Taylor (centre) would be one step closer to resting, as police is now questioning one of their own in the murder of her son. Bahamas Press believes officers of the RBPF are now finally on the right road to rapping up this murder.

Nassau, Bahamas: After months of investigating, Bahamas Press can now confirm, that police has finally questioned and detained one of their own in the murder of fashion designer Harl Taylor. Just short of us calling his name, police caught up with the officer whom Bahamas Press reported was on leave following his discovery of Taylor in his Mountbatten home.

Bahamas Press
– unlike the roller coaster riding members of the ‘Wutless Media’ – will be an established source for news when the officer is brought before the courts, possibly sometime later this week. Bahamas Press first broke the news of the officer following information from our ‘deep-throat’ in the Royal Bahamas Police Force [RBPF]. Our source has now confirmed that the officer was detained at the Police Headquarters on East Street on last week.

In an earlier report Bahamas Press had confirmed that the young officer discovered Taylor dead in room and called investigators to the scene of the crime. The junior CID officer also briefed investigators upon their arrival. The source also confirmed that the officer wore plain clothes and at the time had driven a police vehicle to the crime scene.

The young CID officer is also reported to have driven from the scene of the crime a friend of Taylor who wept uncontrollably the morning of the discovery. Eyewitnesses, the source said, who were at the scene on Sunday morning, reportedly asked the young officer why was he in and out of the residence [Mountbatten House] and asked if something was wrong. One response given to a worker of GrayCliff Restaurant by the young CID officer was that nothing was wrong. Meanwhile Taylor was dead – body mutilated in his bedroom. The source also revealed that blood was everywhere in the resident when police and detectives arrived on the scene. At this time the young officer appeared agitated and was seen answering calls on his cell phone and in a hurry to drive off in his police vehicle.

Bahamas Press cries shame on members of the WUTLESS MEDIA, who suggested first that one suspect was in the hotel business, which failed to show up for work the morning of Taylor’s Murder (THAT WAS A GOOD FICTIONAL STORY JOHN MARQUIS). Then later the ‘DEFLECTORS OF TRUTH’ in this country followed a bulletin sent out on Troyniko McNeil who has been charged for the murder of Taylor following his deportation out of the United States for a visa infraction. Then another publication suggested that it was some banker who leads a double life. They were all good stories that lead police and the public in circles.

Bahamas Press suggested then, as we now believe still, that McNeil was simply another name thrown out in this case. And finally, following this latest breaking update in the case, it is believed charges will be dropped against McNeil. And an officer finally brought before the courts.


  1. I am still amazed at this. I am proud to read this blog. I cant wait to hear details of this policeman’s involvement as I am STILL not convinced that Troyniko McNeil killed anyone.

  2. Im quite sure all of your readers were as thrilled as I was this morning with the headlines in the newspapers…. FINALLY!!! I thought surely that poor young man was going to take the heat for Taylor. Good job B.P. no telling what would have happend with out you on the case.

  3. So ‘Paradiselost’ were we investigative because the ‘Wutless Media’ in this country has been published some information, what they knew all along? Or are we investigative because police has finally followed our tip in the Harl Taylor murder? Bahamas Press said this months ago. We noted this in a breaking story just hours before the Troyniko McNeil name appeared and was ragged by members of the WUTLESS MEDIA. We said long ago that the interest in this case should be on the Officer who appeared on the scene of the crime, LONG BEFORE ANYONE ARRIVED TO THE SCENE. Finally authorities decided to follow up our tip and GUESS WHAT? They are right ON THIS TIME!

    Bahamas Press
    will BREAK many more things as we have already done on record done. Most recently we being partners of this community published the home on Prison Lane, where police did raid last week. It is one of seven in the area selling drugs Guns and assembling gangs in the area. We will release the second home engaged in DRUG SALES to tourist and underage teens in that area just out of the baracks of the headquarters of the RBPF.

    We are currently breaking this news on COLINAIMPERIAL, and not a word is by the media. MULTIPLE LAWSUITS have been filed against the company and ColinaImperial are not paying CLAIMS! But like we have said before, TRUTH is a STRANGE word to some Bahamians, and many hate it and conclusively HATE this BLOG. However, we know the world is watching this. Just ask our GOOD friend the Hon. C. A Smith who is our able BAHAMIAN Ambassador to America. He would tell you he gets his news about what is really happening here in The Bahamas from the ONLY CURRENT AND ACTIVE WEBSITE OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY and it is right here, on Bahamas Press where he logs on!

    Keep reading and we assure you ‘PARADISELOST’, you would be ahead of everyone else.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  4. Keep up the good work…. look forward to the next installment in this series of investigative journalism…

  5. BP it seems like you have a new “editor” on this site in the name of Mental. What about me you need to dismantle, Mental?

    You people still pissed off cause I state my opinion on this site and its anti-Ingraham? I would hate to think that you all are members of his sordid little harem. Are you?

  6. You go BP! As much as your world view and the way in which you choose to present it often bothers me. I will admit that you talked about the officer being suspended and the possible connection to the murder. Good job! Top marks for today. Try to keep it up.
    (99 percent of your content is still useless propaganda though. You should work on that – and your grammar)
    I don’t know if you were on vacation or something, but I’ve been a little bored on here lately. I’ve had to occupy myself with repeatedly dismantling Drama King. And that doesn’t take much work at all.

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