Hubert ” Papa Clown” Ingraham, Please Just Go

Former PRIME Minister Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, Bahamas — We see this box fish head mongrel Hubert Ingraham, does not know that we have had enough of him and his nasty ways.

The people have resoundingly rejected you, please go and take those demon possessed billboards with you. You have destroyed a whole Country and we have had enough of you.

You are quoted in the Guardian this morning talking about bribery. Well you used the Public purse. You promoted 983 persons on your last day in office, you gave contracts to your cronies as if it were candy. You went all over the Bahamas giving out crown land and jobs. That sir, is bribery.
We suggest that the PLP hold a commission on you and drag your ugly arse to answer to charges. As you have said in your own words, ” voting you out of office may not be sufficient punishment, you need something more major”. Well we have a few suggestions on that.
We say to the newly appointed Leader of the Opposition, please do not appoint any of Papa’s cronies to the senate. Don’t be a wuss like Alvin Smith and Tommy T.
Stand like a man, put your own stamp on the FNM. Get away from that dinghy red, that was totally rejected.
We here at BP gave you safe passage on this site and we turned our full frontal attack on your competitors. We will be disappointed if you keep Papa Cronies around you.
Like the saying goes, ” a word to the wise is sufficient”. We say no more at this time.


  1. Thank God the FNM is out of power…now u can focus more on the good governance of The BAhamas under the new PLP government…..people are going to hold them accountable 101 days….jobs, less crime and lower light bills….

  2. your newpaper need to report whats going on in our contry election is over are you the punch i don not think so i vote plp so a lot of pepole i know the saying on street is that you stop bashing fnm ok and start deal with real issues

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