INGRAHAM has done this to the Bahamas!


The angry men who have enslaved and imprisoned the people through VICTIMIZATION and SLAUGHTER! Bahamians OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THE FACES OF 400 YEARS OF THE SAME philosophy to enslave the masses!


  1. This government and its Mugabe style leader are BIG into victimization. I hope they all get prosecuted by ERRYONE who they victimize.

  2. Let me make a suggestion: Andros will be the setting. Let the government identify a large tract of crown land in the north with the ocean being on the east side of it. Build a road going south to north through the centre. On a plot of land to the west of the road build a new building for the Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources. (Please make certain it has solar power) To the south of that build a COB complex for students wishing to study agriculture and marine technology. Make certain there is a good research component.(Dorms would be included) South of that would be an Industrial area( canning factory, packing and land shipping facilities.) A “consortium” mall area would be at the site fronted by the road. By that I mean a series of joined stores built by a group of Bahamians who have an interest in owning part of the building and establishing a business.(food store, clothing store, shoestore, hair salon etc.) Now on the ocean side of the road divide into lots for a church complex, community park, All age school, comprehensive community centre(library, health clinic, meeting rooms and auditorium kitchen,hurricane shelter and offices for town government employees,) Moving south, Restauranrs and lounges. A plot of land set aside for needed infrastructure buildings(BEC, BTC, Cable and ZNS) Now on the rest of the land between the aformentioned adequate sized lots for single family occupancy all of which have access to beach and water. The lots on the most southern part would be zoned for low rise apartments for persons who wish to rent only. Along part of the beach area room to build a 15 to 20 room resort. The land to the north of this experimental town would be used for farming and on the ocean side for future expansion if need be. Now for the caveats: – the government would make the lots available at a minimal price keeping in mind the use to which the lots would be subject. -only Bahamian citizens would be allowed to purchase. -after having satisfied the controllers of good intentions and knowlege and with a plan would the selectee be allowed to begin building and be exempt from paying for the land until 6 months after occupancy. – After a set period of time the area would gain Town status and would be incorporated. The residents would elect a mayor and a specific number of council persons. property tax would be collected by the town and used for the general needs . A school board would be elected with the power to hire teaching staff and a portion of the property tax would be for their use. All other monies would be in the form of grants from the central government. Keep in mind this is a plan for the concept of Bahamian ownership only. Citizens get a break on the price of land, tax exemptions for all building materials used for their site, and extention time before beginning repayment and a chance to run their own show. This suggestion of course needs a lot of tweaking and the cooperation and goodwill of the powers that be. If tried and it works it could lead to the possibilities of some other ministries moving to other islands. Think on it and tell me what you think.

  3. I will start by paraphising the sayings of an FNM activist Michael Pintard,where he daily says on his talk show that no one has all the ideas and the reason we do not solve problems is due to the fact that some of us do not bring our ideas forward.One of the biggest blunders of our present Govt.was stopping the projects that were in the pipeline when they took office.Whatever part of the FNM party machinery that forced the elected members to take such a stand should be condemned and the elected members apologise now and not when they retire.It is obvious that Hubbigety is not the maximum leader in his party and even he is walking a thin line.I now understand why he was so totalitarian when he first came to office.I however agree that he is ultimately responsible for whatever good or bad transpires.The next Govt of the Bahamas that will include members of the present generation will allow us to see who and why the failed economic policies of this Govt failed.

  4. Obama: You must not lay this just at the feet of any one party. This is the reality from the beginning. The first priority of any politician is to set about ensuring his/her re-election. The second is to make certain to take care of their and their families advancement by taking advantage of every political opportunity they can.The third is to try to blame, shame and defame all individuals on the opposite side of the divide. The fourth is to make certain their friends and business associates get the most lucrative opportunities the parties have to offer. The fifth is to garner every “freebe” that they can. Sixth is to take advantage of any and all publicity there is. Seventh is to speak as often and as long as they can in the H.O.A. even when they have nothing to say. Then and only then do they attend to the business of the people. Lest you wonder if I am cynical, “You betcha!.

  5. Check the number of lawsuits, this Government is name in for victimizing citizens of this country. Look at the cases, all are private citizens with no political affiliation. In most cases they could not be corrupt nor participate in various practises by Ministers. CHANGE IS COMING! Countdown for 2012 is 1496 days, 14 hours 18 minutes.

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