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  1. LOL…….reading your comments……funny how the conversation just took a twist to accents….lol

  2. So, anyway… great idea for a Calendar video. Another innovative idea from BahamasB2B.com. Good promotion for Bahamian events, both local and nationally.

  3. General crazy thank you for all the research you did, even though we could go on and on with this topic forever, I rather not. By the way I was not talking about the lady in the video, I don’t know her, so I can not accuse her of being something she isn’t.

    One more thing I would appreciate if you can clear up for me, what did you mean when Altec said, “To talk proper english doesnt mean you have to sound like an American.“ and then you reply, “Altec, wud yah rather she sound like an ignant fool?”

    I believe that is how I got on this topic with you after reading your comment.

  4. Lastly, some times one HAS to change their accent or dialect temporarily for another person to understand them, this is common in the Bahamas.

  5. Children are able to take on accents at a fast rate; children of traveling families, for example, can change their accents within a short period of time. This generally remains true until a person’s early twenties,[1] after which, a person’s accent seems to become more entrenched.

    All the same, accents are not fixed even in adulthood. An acoustic analysis by Jonathan Harrington of Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Christmas Messages revealed that the speech patterns of even so conservative a figure as a monarch can continue to change over her lifetime.

    Some actors have to imitate foreign accents to play parts. They usually perfect this through prolonged exposure to native speakers.


  6. Just like you picked up a Bahamian accent at some time in your life, so did others, some people pick up accents easily all their life, not just when they are young, and not just accents, other things like slang and such as well. People change, you should not judge a book by its cover, and every body and every mind is different.

    Im not a specialist in linguistics but this is normal world wide, not just limited to the Bahamas. Now what I do gather is you seemed to be more geared towards people that switch up just to please someone they are speaking to at the time? Well with this person in the video above (which i didnt actually listen to yet) maybe that IS their accent and they are not just putting it on.

  7. Generalcrazy some people think in order for them to fit in they have be something other than them and if they are comfortable adjusting themselves to please “PEOPLE” then that is their rights. I guess I never really understood how some people loses their original accent. When I first finished school I when to live in Jacksonville Florida for one year, when I came back home I still sound the same to my friends and family. My old boss was a Jamaican and she is married to a Bahamian and she have lived in the Bahamas for more than 35yrs and she still have her Jamaican accent after all these years and I could go on and on. Maybe you can help me to understand why this is only happen to some people.

  8. So what do you think of the educated Bahamians that put on a gangsta accent and talk slang when around certain people or in certain groups?

  9. Generalcrazy you look like you have taken you meds, you are definitely making a lot of sense. I have to disagree with you though; I am not judging or dissing anyone. I agree we are a product of our environment. What I was talking about are people who intentionally changes their slang because they think talking with a foreign accent makes them sound more intelligent. I don’t mind if they are speaking this way naturally, but when you have to pretend to be something you are not, I am sorry I can’t respect that. Generalcrazy, I have worked in offices where people talked in their natural voice all day and has soon as they had to an interview or something, all of a sudden this foreign voice came from out of no way. I always wondered why they thought talking like a foreign made them sound more educated. You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but I am telling you I am not a false pretender.

  10. @Kim, thats the thing, you and nobody else say what a True Bahamian is, you cannot sit there and judge a person by how they speak on whether they are a True Bahamian or not, well you can, as its a free country, but its incorrect.

    If they have an English Accent from living in England or an American from Living in America or they like to speak French with a Paris accent … that doesnt make them any less of a Bahamian than anyone else. Everyone is different, for everyone to be the same would be very very boring.

    For many persons, if they hang around or listen to the same people long enough, they will start talking like them, so dont diss them because they dont sound like how you want them to, or look like how you want them to, just think, do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

    And just so you know, accents have changed over the years, decades ago an accent for a certain area was different from it is now, things change, thats life, and what you think a Bahamian accent is now, will change again.

  11. generalcrazy you sound confused, I was not dictating to anyone. I don’t know how you arrived at that conclusion. It was just my feelings that I was expressing about someone trying to sound like or be something they are not. If you think my view on the matter is ignorant that is your opinion. If you think it is patriot for a Bahamian to try and sound like they are from another country again, that is your view. You are entitled to those views. I know I am a true Bahamian and where ever I go I have always represented that.

  12. @Kim, who are you to try and dictate how some one should talk?? How can you sit there with a straight face and try to say that a person that does not speak in a particular accent to your liking, is not a patriot?

  13. Generalcrazy I realize your head isn’t any good, so your opinion of my views does not affect me at all. All I am trying to say Bahamians needs to be proud of their own identity, there is no need to try to sound like an American or any other nation when you are a Bahamian. I remember hearing this joke about lady who has never left the Bahamas and her husband was dropping her to the airport and before they even reach half way to the airport, she started talking like an American. She was only being in the States one weekend and from then she aint never sound like a Bahamian again. We have a lot in our country to be proud of; I just hate to see Bahamians dissing their own heritage.

  14. You dont have to sound like you are uneducated to be Bahamian – there is nothing wrong with an articulate Bahamian.

  15. No Kim that is not wat I said, wat i said is posted above. Now your view of Bahamians that may have an american accent, is totally ignorant.

  16. Generalcrazy what are you saying? Are you suggesting if she sounds like an educated Bahamian that she would sound ignorant? Well I think if one is a Bahamian and they sound like an American that sounds ignorant.

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