Interpol investigates crash with Bahamian Pilot in Venezuela rescued by Missionaries…


ABACO| A story which has taken twists and turns since July 23rd has now taken another sharp twist as we were debriefed and updated on the discovery of former SkyBahamas pilot Oran Munroe

One Sunday, we understand, despite Bahamian authorities knowing nothing about the missing plane and pilot, Munroe was found alive. No one could say where until now.

BP sources connected to Interpol have just updated Bahamas Press on the discovery of pilot Munroe and the plane he flew from Abaco.

We are learning former SkyBahamas CEO Randy Butler’s plane crashed in Venezuela. That was being driven by Munroe. Missionaries found him with severe injuries and turned the 34-year-old over to authorities.

Uncovered onboard the aircraft were loads of drugs. We also understand a formal arraignment will begin Tuesday (today) in Venezuela. Well, what is this? Meanwhile, Bahamian authorities in Abaco don’t know a damn thing and are left in the dark! They are lost! 

Bahamas Press is becoming concerned with the multiple drug runs and stolen planes coming out of Abaco. Just a few weeks ago, two former RBDF pilots stole a plane in Abaco and crashed to their deaths. Someone must begin to monitor the skies over ABACO MORE SERIOUSLY! TERRORISTS COULD LEAVE FROM THAT SPACE and we invite our American counterparts to look at these developments closely.

Former Bahamian pilot Allen King, suspected of trafficking drugs from South America, is just another victim of the illicit illegal trade across the region when his plane also crashed in Venezuela.

Munroe once flew for Randy Butler’s Sky Bahamas. We understand the aircraft which crashed belongs to Butler. He has not made one comment on the incident since this story broke on BP.

We report yinner decide!