Is Cable and Wireless and the Tribune for real?


When did this national poll on these bad phone service take place?

Nassau, Bahamas — In a PR spin following Prime Minister Christie’s announcement about his intention to reclaim majority interest in BTC, CWC and the Tribune this morning suggest some 84% of Bahamians support the BTC Privatization.

The announcement today in the terlet paper confirm that boy! some strange people on the side of that foreign company called LIME!

Imagine what has transpired: Hubert Ingraham and his FNM government sold the majority shares and control back to the British despite the protest by the Bahamian people.

The company has since gone downhill. Scores of Bahamians sent home through voluntary packages while foreigners are imported in droves. Do you think Bahamians support that?

Then there is this fact that you cannot stay on your cellphone for over a minute before the call is dropped. Do you think the Bahamian people support that?

They are selling off all the people assets.

Then there is this fact that the millions in profits [$376 million gross] that are generated by the cash cow are now being managed and collected by offices out of Jamaica.  Do you think Bahamians support that?

Or how about he decision by the former fired government to put a $100 million penalty in the contract in order to lock the sale of the company to its new foreign owners in an attempt to keep BTC out of the Bahamian peoples’ hands. Hubert INGRAHAM and his goons of FNMs did that.  Do you think the Bahamian people support that? A thousand time NO! NO! NO!

It is incredible when you see what the terlet paper [Tribune] writes these days. It is equivalent to nothing more than horse dung!

We report yinner decide!