Olympic doping cheaters already being caught; 107 athletes banned so far


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By: Jodi Jill

The 2012 Olympics have an emphasis of being free of drugs and the anti-doping regulations have already started. There are three days before the world opens the Olympic Games with the opening ceremony, but there are many athletes that have already been told they can’t participate. According to the World Anti-Doping Agency President John Fahey who commented about the anti-doping policy on Monday, 107 athletes since June have been banned.

The number of athletes banned includes Olympic medal contenders and there is no doubt Morocco’s Alaoui Selsouli, a potential gold medalist in the women’s 1,500 meters, and Frank Schleck of Luxembourg, who has denied taking a banned drug, both are very disappointed.

“I am pleased to say that they are not with us,” said John Fahey during the IOC members meeting. The intelligence of several sporting agencies has the world watching athletes to make sure they play fair with John Fahey helping run the operation smoothly.

While the Olympic Games is hoping to inspire and embrace the athletes of the world, there is no doubt the anti-doping issue still lingers. With drug testing at the Olympics, over 400 samples are tested daily making everyone know that doping isn’t allowed.