Hubert Ingraham is not for Bahamians or the Bahamas! – That’s a FACT!!!


The disdain for the Bahamas and its institutions undermine by Ingraham Agent #1622…

Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham

Nassau, BahamasHubert Ingraham has proved once again he is not for the Bahamian and in his press conference on July 19 proved he is “NOT FOR US!”

Bahamas Press is of the opinion that Bahamians possess the shortest memories on the planet, and, if one examines the statements and pronouncements of the former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, one must ask the question: is he for Bahamians?

Last week, after hearing the failed PM, who left the Bahamas in the worse state than he met it with – high taxes, mass unemployment, huge debt and crime and violence galore – one must wonder where is the common intelligence of those who fan his regularly dumb statements and rank stupidity.

Here is a man who was desperate to hold on to power for at least 20 years, went on tirades like his political “Lapdog” Zhivargo Laing, slamming the Commissioner of Police for his efforts to reduce crime and bring peace back to the streets of the capital.

On Thursday, Ingraham suggested that the COP must explain to him how did a night pass after two criminals were shot by police and, according to Ingraham, “Nothing is said”.

Perhaps Mr. Ingraham should first answer the question, how did a criminal in possession of a weapon end up pointing it at a gang of officers after defying an order to stop driving his vehicle recklessly through the streets of the capital?

Perhaps Hubert Ingraham is not aware of the fact that just recently a criminal who escaped and again evaded the law overpowered a police in the bathroom of the PMH and shot him in the jaw?

Maybe he forgot how another officer was held at gunpoint and shot to death just a few weeks ago outside the SuperWash laundromat on Prince Charles Drive.

Or how about a young man on Cox Way who shot to death a 33-year-old woman and wounded three officers before committing suicide. Is Ingraham suggesting that the criminal should be allowed to hold hostage all a we, and continue their criminal assault on innocent citizens?

Bahamians are sick and tired of being barricaded in their homes and bolted in their bedrooms, all to hear a former leader preach in favour of the criminal.

Ingraham has no damn shame!

Ingraham at his press conference last week Thursday. The man refuse to go!

Readers would be reminded that this is the same man who led the FNM into defeat, who suggested in the Nassau Guardian on May 8th, 2006 that the Haitian community should sue the then government of the Bahamas for what Ingraham termed illegal roundups.

And many would remember that the former PM was directly involved through his Cabinet in 2010 in the accelerated naturalization of more than 10,000 illegals, some who had only resided in the Bahamas for 6 months. We still await the actual numbers out of the Department of Immigration.

And we should remember this is the same former Prime Minister who, through his Chairman Julian Francis, echoed the need to sell the most profitable Bahamian asset there is, BTC, to a foreign company as they crafted the language, “Bahamians need not apply!”

Ingraham attached a 100 million dollar poison pill in the BTC sale agreement to lock out Bahamians from ever owning BTC again. What an ungrateful bastard.

Here is a man who committed contempt for members of our judiciary most of which he himself appointed – and announced in the rawest language, “I hang my head down in shame”, when he described his disdain for the Bahamian people following the referendum of 2001.

Here is a country that elected an orphan to be Prime Minister and look at the thanks we get. He is even gloating about it!

We want to know whose interest he was protecting in that deal. Was it his? The Bahamian People? The Aga Khan, the King Juan Carlos of Spain or Cable and Wireless?

And while this all went down, all of his Cabinet Ministers who were seen parading behind him sat deaf, mute and silent.

Boy! we tell ya ‘If you don’t laugh you will cry’!

Hubert Ingraham should realize by now that on May 7th, just in case he forgot, the voters rejected his failure to fix the crime problem. They rejected his disregard about preserving the sovereignty of this society now plagued with an illegal migration problem. And they rejected the thought of continued slaughter on our street.

Bahamians voted for change! They embraced that change! And today they wait to see the back of Hubert Ingraham and his band of spineless men who have proven time and time again that they are NOT FOR BAHAMIANS!

We report yinner decide!